Cortex-M3-based Stellaris Support

Updated: Dec 30, 2013
Access and use Texas Instruments Stellaris microcontroller devices in your designs. The Stellaris family of ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers facilitate high-performance 32-bit computing in the world of cost-sensitive embedded microcontroller applications - particularly well-suited to industrial applications such as automation, motion control, security and remote monitoring. Utilizing ARM's Thumb-2 instruction set, which is compatible with the Thumb instruction set, memory requirements are greatly reduced - to a handful of kilobytes for most microcontroller-based applications. Specific device support and detailed information thereof, can be accessed from the Browse Physical Devices dialog, accessed from the Tools menu in the Devices view (View»Devices View).

WEBENCH® Altium Connector

Updated: Jul 20, 2015
The WEBENCH® Altium Connector is a seamless interface between Altium Designer and TI’s online WEBENCH® Power Designer. By using the WEBENCH® Altium Connector, you’re able to create a custom WEBENCH power supply from within the Altium Designer platform. The power supply design can be easily created in WEBENCH, and exported and simulated offline inside Altium Designer, giving you the opportunity to further customize and integrate the design into a larger circuit. The offline WEBENCH simulation engine can be used to simulate any analog circuit created in Altium Designer. WEBENCH Altium Connector key features and benefits: Seamless connection between Altium Designer and TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer and Architect speeds system design. WEBENCH menu in Altium provides easy access to the entire WEBENCH Designer tool suite, including Power Designer and Architect, FPGA and Microprocessor Power Architect, Filter Designer, Clock Architect and LED Architect. WEBENCH simulation test bench in Altium includes TI models and simulation settings. WEBENCH simulation engine provides fast and accurate analog circuit simulation for any circuit design inside Altium.