Do Your Best Work

You don’t create just for a paycheck, you create for a purpose. When your tools and processes aren’t holding you back, that pure engine of creativity is pouring through your mind and out into the world of electronics. How often does this peak performance happen though? Your mind is cluttered with busywork, and you’re trapped by your own process. We have a way out.

What’s Holding You Back?

Library Management

Another grueling hour of library management

Hours upon hours burned. Managing your libraries. Tracking part availability in a spreadsheet. Hoping that it all works out in time for launch. What if you could manage your components, get real-time supply chain data, and access millions of ready-to-use parts, all in one secure location? You can.

Mechanical Collaboration

Another painful redesign from your mechanical team

Losing an argument yet again. That connector has to move, and you’ll be spending hours rerouting your board layout in the process. All said in between emails and design files swapping hands, of course. What if you could design with your mechanical team, and easily share design data as changes happen? You can.


Another last-minute round of phone calls with manufacturing

Plug that prototype in, and cross your fingers that it works. Maybe the design rules did it this time, or the hours spent troubleshooting your board with manufacturing. What if you could design with manufacturing, and get your board made without any email threads or confusion about last-minute changes? You can.

Engineers Doing Their Best Work

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