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Mechanical Layer Pairs

Created: 28.07.2015 | Updated: 19.06.2017

The Mechanical Layer Pairs dialog.


This dialog allows the designer to configure the required mechanical pairs for the board. Paired mechanical layers are used when extra detail is needed in the component footprint, and that detail needs to change to another layer when the component is moved from the top side of the board, to the bottom side. An example of this is glue dot information.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB Editor, or the PCB Library Editor, by right-clicking on a layer tab (at the bottom of the main design window) and choosing the Configure Mechanical Pairs command from the context menu.


  • Mechanical Layer Pairs - the main region of the dialog lists all currently defined mechanical layer pairs. Each mechanical layer pairing consists of a First Layer and a Second Layer.
  • Add - click this button to manually add a new mechanical layer pair to the list. The Mechanical Layer Pair dialog will appear, from where to determine the first and second layers for the pairing.
The chosen layers in the pairing must be different.
  • Delete - click this button to delete the currently selected mechanical layer pair.
  • Mechanical Pair Properties - click this button to edit the currently selected mechanical layer pair. The Mechanical Layer Pair dialog will appear, from where to modify the first and second layers for the pairing as required.
  • Menu - click this button to access a list of commands providing the same functionality as the buttons available in the dialog.
These same commands are also available on the right-click menu, accessed over the Mechanical Layer Pairs list.


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