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Created: 20.09.2015 | Updated: 20.08.2021

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Returns all objects that reside within the area specified by the Query.


InRegion(X1 : Number ,Y1 : Number ,X2 : Number ,Y2 : Number) : Boolean/Boolean_String

X1,Y1 and X2,Y2 specify coordinates in the PCB (Library) file. The left and right boundaries of the region are specified by the X1 and X2 parameters, while the lower and upper boundaries of the region are specified by the Y1 and Y2 parameters.

All coordinates are referenced to the absolute origin (and not to the user origin or component insertion point), and at present, all coordinates always use units of mils. (1 mil = 0.001 inch).

Example Usage

InRegion(12700,4700,13300,5000) = True
InRegion(12700,4700,13300,5000) = 'True'

Returns objects residing within the rectangular region bounded by X1 = 12700 and X2 = 13300, and by Y1 = 4700 and Y2 = 5000; those coordinates are referenced to the absolute origin.


  1. Parent component, coordinate, dimension, and Net objects are not returned.
  2. This keyword is an alias for the InRegionAbsolute keyword.
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