Can't delete empty folder

Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

Can't delete empty folder from managed content server

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If you see this when trying to delete a folder from the Explorer panel:

There may be a system folder in the project folder.  Try enabling the option to Show system folders.  Go to Preferences ► System ► General ► Advanced button  then search for Explorer.ShowSystemFolders  to Enable the Value checkbox.


In older versions the dialog is accessed from Preferences ► Data Management ► Servers then clicking Properties to the right of your server (in the server section under Active) then selecting Connection from the drop-down menu. 

Enabling this option may allow you to see some hidden folders that are stopping you from deleting the project or to see folders inside the Components folder in the Content Carts that are preventing the Content Carts from being deleted.  Here's documentation:
Select the Folder that you're looking to Delete in the Folders section. After doing so, select the Gear icon in the top right of the Folder Contents section (to the right.) It should drop down several options. Please make sure Load all Pages and Show Hidden Revisions are enabled. Once you do so, please check to make sure there are no items in that folder.

Another thing to check for is if there are folders that are hidden due to permissions. Try signing in as Administrator. Edit the Components folder permissions to make it is writable and make sure the roles/users are added with the 'Can Edit' checkbox enabled. Ensure to check the box at the bottom, 'Apply to Children'. While signed in as administrator, also verify if any subfolders exist.
Signing into the server from the Altium client as an Administrator may help to display folders that were hidden in the Explorer panel. The browser interface of the Server includes an option 'Allow placed components to be deleted from Vault' that may also help to delete content cart folders if you have them.
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