Managed Content Server upgrade

Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

This document covers a best practice quick review of the steps to follow when upgrading your current on-site managed content server to our current version. As when you have been using Vault and want to upgrade to Concord Pro.

Solution Details

To start with, use your dashboard to get the *.alf license files that you use for your Vault/NEXUS server (CALs too) so that you can use them on your test server described below.  Then you can work with your account manager to get your Vault/NEXUS licenses converted to Concord Pro (or whatever the next version is) licenses.  This may take a day. 
Also save a copy of your production server's Vault.ini file to a safe place.  You can find it here:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Altium\[Altium Concord Pro]or[Altium NEXUS Server]or[Altium Vault]\LocalVault.ini
Generally it won't be needed, but it might just come in handy later for comparison.
Install the same version of Vault/NEXUS that is running on your production server onto a new "Test" server. Next, run a backup of your production server with avbackup.exe and restore it onto your test server and make sure everything looks good. Here's a link with more information:
Install Concord Pro on the test computer. You can download it from here:
The installation will recognize the Vault/NEXUS installation and perform an upgrade. You should then install the new Concord Pro license files. If they are not using the same activation codes, you should delete the old ones and add the new ones. Here's a link to the installation, licensing & Management documentation for Concord Pro (notice there are lots of other documents in the left pain (above and below) that may be of interest):
Check out the new installation and if everything went smoothly, it should be safe to perform the upgrade on your production server. Get a backup first.

Please note, You should be using the Altium Designer client with Concord Pro and later versions.  If you were using the  NEXUS client, you will need to download and install Altium Designer which you can do from here:
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