Can you set Electrical Clearance in the Design Rules for the Route Tool Path

Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

Route Tool Path is defined on Mechanical layer, how can I define clearance to this path?

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

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Because the Route Tool Path is defined on a mechanical layer, you cannot use Electrical Clearance against these primitives, instead the Route Tool Path lines need to be used to create Board Cut-outs which we can then use in an Electrical Clearance rule.


To accomplish this take the following steps:


• Select the primitives in the Rout Tool Path (Typically the easiest method for this is to select one line in the path,  then press TAB to select all connected lines)


• With the primitives from the path selected. go to Tools ► Convert ► Create Board Cut-out from selected Primitives


•  You will be prompted with a message that an enclosed shape could not be found, asking if you would like to create the cutout from the edges, press OK to create the cut-out from the edges of your selection.


You should now have cut-outs which Electrical Clearance rules can be applied to.


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