Connection lines disappear when moving component

Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

On a component with n-number pads the connections disappear when moving the component

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

There could be several issues. Check the following:

With the hotkey N you can make the connections disappear.

The three Net Connection Lines cycle states (through the hotkey N): 
-Hidden (No connection lines)
-Pad to Pad connect
-Break (Route to Route)

While dragging the component, cycle through the connections by pressing N. You can view the current mode in the HUD:

If there are a large number of connections, check:

Preferences (gear icon in the top right) ► System ► General ► Advanced button ► Search for PCB.ComponentDrag.ConnectionLimitIncrease the value to 500.

To have the connection lines move with the component when using Edit ► Move ► Component, as they do when just clicking and dragging the component in the PCB editor, "Comp Drag" must be set to "None".  See Preferences ► PCB Editor ► General ► Other (section) ► Comp Drag set to "None".  Either way, they will show on the component when you are done.
If tracks have been placed, then for the:
None setting:  Connection lines will be shown while dragging but the tracks will not move.
Connected Tracks setting:  Tracks will move with the component.
You can read more detail by expanding the "Move Component" section of this document:
You can learn more about the Preference settings for Comp Drag in the "Other" section of this document:

Here's another (more general) Knowledge Base Article that may be of interest:

Connection Lines on PCB - Rats nest display
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