How to import CircuitMaker files into Altium

Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

How to import CircuitMaker / CircuitStudio files into Altium

Starting in Version: 19.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

Although they would be checked (installed) with a default installation of Altium 18 and newer, it's a good idea to verify:  Extensions and Updates Installed tab ► Platform panel ► Configure button ► Importers\Exporters section ► make sure "Altium PCB" and "CircuitMaker" are checked.  If you need to make changes, a re-start of Altium will be necessary.  Here's documentation:

Next, click on File New PCB
Then, click on File Import ► Altium PCB

There is a post on the CircuitMaker Forum describing this task in a little more detail:
Here is another link which is about transferring footprints that might be of interest:
CircuitMaker schematic documents can be opened using File Open.

Here's related documentation:

And if you are still reading, here's some background information:

Both Altium Designer and CircuitStudio have the same format files for PCB project (.PrjPcb), and schematic document (.SchDoc), and library documents (.SchLib, and .PcbLib, and .IntLib). That is, the same files can be opened directly in both Altium Designer and CircuitStudio without any translation of data. Further to the library formats, both Altium Designer and CircuitStudio support Altium Vault components, therefore there is no issues if using Altium Vault, or Altium Content Vault, components.
The only document type that is different between the two applications is the PCB document. Altium Designer .PcbDoc. And CircuitStudio .CSPcbDoc.
CircuitStudio PCB files can be imported into Altium Designer v16 or later, additionally Altium Designer v19 has the ability to "Save As" to CircuitStudio format by way of File ► Export.
Altium Designer can open (import) CircuitStudio files, but CircuitStudio cannot open (import) Altium Designer files.
Altium Designer has a Protel/Altium importer, installed by default, which provides support for opening (directly importing) CircuitStudio files.


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