MCAD CoDesigner Keepout transfer

Created: 03.07.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

Is it possible to transfer keepout areas using MCAD CoDesigner? CoDesigner 2.1.0 and newer has an updated MCAD CoDesigner panel that now has a PCB Definition tab which displays Board Area definitions that exist on the board.

Starting in Version: 20.1
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

Currently supported area definitions include Keepouts and Rooms, which can be created on both the MCAD and ECAD sides.

  • Click on a definition to configure Keepout settings, or to add a comment to a Room.
  • If the definition has been renamed in the MCAD feature tree, the change will not be immediately reflected in the PCB Definitions tab of the Altium CoDesigner panel. Switch to the Activity tab then back to the PCB Definitions tab to refresh the definitions.

If you have an older version of CoDesigner, an alternative approach, from the MCAD tool, send the enclosure to ECAD as a "free 3D body". To do this, include temporary part enclosures in your PCB assembly in MCAD and push it to ECAD. Next, move those parts back to your device's assembly.

For the imported bodies, component keepout area and height restriction areas can be created as follows:

  • Edit the generated 3D body and add an Identifier value. This Identifier can be targeted in the Design rule as described here:!referencing-a-3d-model-in-a-design-rule

For mounting holes, you can either add these to a component, or you can place a flat 3D body over the hole location.

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