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Created: 25.03.2021 | Updated: 12.08.2021

We have strict firewall rules, is there any documentation available which states what IP addresses, ports are required to use this feature?

Starting in Version: 18.0
Up to Version: Current

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If your local area network is "hardened" (made more secure than default) it may be necessary to have your IT department open some ports and white list some website addresses to allow proper communications for the online installer, database connectivity, parts and supplier information, etc.
These three addresses need to be unblocked to use the online installer: 
And these for updates:
"vaultinstall.altium.com", "appregistry.live.altium.com", "vaultinstallation.live.altium.com", "install.altium.com", "installation.altium.com "
To download and run Altium Designer, In addition to disabling heuristic scanning for your Antivirus, you may need to have the following ports configured (unblocked) in Windows or your network software / hardware firewall: 
- Internet Ports:
9495 (used by Content Cart)
9880 (used for HTTP and SOAP requests)
9843 is used for encrypted authentication with SSH.
443 (Used by Altium Designer client, Altium License Manager and the AltiumVaults).
- VPN Ports: 1194 and 1723 (Used by Virtual Private Network software and relates to users trying to connect to their company network server over a VPN connection from a remote (off site) location.
- Network ports: 
TCP 9780 and 9785 (Used for communications between the Altium Infrastructure Server License manger and the client software)
TCP 21001 and UDP 20001 & 20002 (Used for the Legacy Altium Private Server License manager)
HTTP Port - 9780
HTTPS Port - 9785
Synchronization Service Port - 9791
LDAP Service Port - 9790
Websocket Port - 4649
Firebird Server Port - 3050
SVN Port - 3690
- Http addresses that may need to be unblocked: *.altium.*, *.compute-1.amazonaws.com, *.cloudfront.net, *.marketo.*, OctoPart.com
For example: (http://installation.altium.com), (http://activation.altium.com), (https://workspaces.altium.com) (portal2.altium.com), (portal2.altium.eu), (portal2.altium.com.cn) , (portal1.altium.com), (portal1.altium.eu), (portal1.altium.com.cn), (Portal365.Altium.com), (*.api.altium.com), (payments.altium.com), (firmware.altium.com), (live.altium.com), (blog.live.altium.com)
For  Techdocs (also Key "F1") in Altium client: "techdocs.altium.com", "altium.com/documentation"", "munchkin.marketo.net", "app-sjf.marketo.com", "google-analytics.com", "tag.bounceexchange.com", "api.bounceexchange.com", "googletagmanager.com", "googleadservices.com", "a.adroll.com", "*.mktoresp.com" and "connect.facebook.net"
If you are running a Proxy server for network access, the blog at AltiumLive will provide details on how to configure your proxy to allow access: http://blog.live.altium.com/#Blogs/ad10-installation-with-proxy-servers 
- Supplier Searches / Content Vault Part choices:
For communication between Altium Designer and Ciiva,  verify that the following sites/ports are allowed:
api.ciiva.com:443 (https port)
ciiva.com:443 (https port)
vault.live.altium.com (http port)
s3.amazonaws.com (http port) (http port) (http port)
Use Supplier Search up to Vault 2.6.7 (if supplier is activated): "services.digikey.com", "media.digikey.com", "alliedelec.com", "api.arrow.com", "mouser.com", "webservices-rs.com", "newark.com", "api.tme.eu" and "uk.farnell.com"

CIIVA: "ciiva.com" and "api.ciiva.com" (HINT: If the Extension is installed AD tries to connect to "api.ciiva.com" during the AD start. So a AD crash could happen if the security settings deny access to "api.ciiva.com".)
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