Video Transcript
Often times, the mark of a good product is in
the comprehensiveness of its documentation.
But even knowing this, no engineer enjoys this
long and tedious task.

This tedious documentation process is made
even more frustrating when an unexpected
change is made to your design. And you now
have to painstakingly recreate all your
documentation again.

With Draftsman in Altium Designer, you no
longer have to waste your time creating your
fabrication and assembly drawings.

Based on the actual design data in your PCB,
easily place layer stacks, drill table, drill
drawing, notes, callouts, anything you need to
get the job done.

With the Altium Designer unified design, if a
change is made to your board, that change is
reflected in your documentation so you’re
always up to date and ready to go.

Draftsman allows you to precisely dimension
your board without needing to export to a
mechanical tool.

And once you have your documentation
process established, you can create templates
so you and your team can quickly expedite
your future documentation workflow.

Draftsman® Enhancements

Enhance your documentation workflow efficiency with new PCB measurements between datums and design objects.