Video Transcript
Having an extensive component library
is only helpful when you can actually
find the items you need.

It’s easy to find a part when you know
specific details, such as a part number,
but sometimes you only have access to
certain component parameters.

So when you’re working with limited
part parameters, what can you do?

With enhanced search capabilities in
Altium Vault, it’s easier than ever to find
the parts you need.

You can filter your search by generic
parameters like resistance, tolerance,
and impedance values.

You can also use specialized
parameters such as manufacturer part
numbers from an enterprise source and
footprint parameters.

Further refine your search with result
filters to pinpoint the components you
need for easy sorting and comparison.

Enhanced Search

Find the exact component you need for your design project with Enhanced Search capabilities. Search from dozens of parameters ranging from footprint parameters to manufacturer part numbers. Save your search and filter your results.