Video Transcript
Your designs have several
development stages to go through
before they reach manufacturing.

But managing individual copies of files
for each design milestone presents a
serious challenge in maintaining data integrity.

You could manage variations of your
documentation separately and develop
a manual system to keep them all organized.

But this takes time away from your
design process, and it can be difficult to
manage multiple project files without
getting them mixed up.

With the Streamlined Project Releaser
in Altium Vault, it’s now easier than
ever to control the release of your design projects.

A new, intuitive interface allows you to
easily organize and release projects
with explicit structures for Source,
Fabrication, and Assembly variants.

And you can quickly finalize project
snapshots by releasing multiple
packages in a batch process.

With the Streamlined Project Releaser,
it’s more straightforward than ever to
release verified and error-free design
outputs so you can get your board
manufactured right the first time, every time.

Streamlined Project Releaser

Easily add verified project snapshots into your Vault with the Streamlined Project Releaser. Quickly create customized variants of project files for fabrication and assembly.