Release notes

Altium 365 Viewer is constantly evolving with additional features and functionality being delivered on
a regular basis. This page presents an overview of historical updates and their content, as well
as a sneak peak at what is upcoming.

Coming Soon
  • Multiple files upload
  • Draftsman support
  • Layer Stackup Viewer
27 October 2020 – Measurements Support
  • Enhanced ability to select the required design primitive in areas where primitives on currently visible layers are collocated. Clicking repeatedly will now cycle through the following defined selection order.
  • Ability to take basic measurements between points of interest, when viewing the board in 2D - using the PCB data view. Snapping can be enabled to help with source and target selection, with results displayed both directly within the view and also in the Measurements panel.
14 August 2020 – New UI improvements
  • Additional primitives supported for selection. You can now select vias, pads and tracks when viewing the board using the PCB data view.
  • More comprehensive data is now presented in the right-hand pane when a primitive is selected.
  • Improved mobile device support.
  • Enhancements to speed and reliability.
  • General improvements to the look and feel of the User Interface.
30 March 2020 – Gerber Support
  • Ability to view all top or all bottom Gerber layers in a single click
  • Ability to pin the Layers panel to keep it to hand while viewing design or manufacturing data
  • When embedding Altium 365 Viewer on your own website, you now have the ability to lock it to viewing Gerber data only, courtesy of an additional iframe parameter
28 February 2020 – Gerber Support
  • Added support for uploading CAM (manufacturing) data in Gerber RS-274X and Gerber X2 formats, along with corresponding NC Drill dat
  • Added CircuitStudio format support
  • Fixed an issue whereby selection of a component within the 3D data view was problematic
5 February 2020 - New UI improvements
  • Added support for uploading CAD designs in Rar and 7z archives
15 January 2019 - New UI Release
  • Updated Altium 365 Viewer UI
  • Updated Altium 365 Viewer web page
  • Enhanced selection of components and nets on the relevant data views.
  • Improved mouse controls for a better viewing experience