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Join us for a 5 part on-demand workshop series to explore the unique capabilities that power the industry’s most used, most powerful, and most connected PCB design experience.

Using a 2-week Altium Designer eval, you will receive a hands-on learning experience as you are guided through real-life projects focused on key areas of the design process.

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Centralized Collaborative Library Management

Do you currently use a local file based library? Learn how much time you can save by switching to a centralized collaborative library.

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Easy SPICE Simulation

Do you send your board to manufacturing without simulating the circuit first? Or if you do run simulations, are you having to switch between different tools and environments than the one you design your PCB?

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Board Shape in The Context of The Enclosure

Do you currently switch back and forth in your ECAD and MCAD views? Do you ever wonder if there’s an easier way to co-design, or upgrade collaborative activities between electrical and mechanical engineers to synchronize designs?

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Designing a Multiboard System

Do you still design your multiboard systems separately? Keeping track of all interconnections through a spreadsheet and relying on all engineers involved to keep updating it on every pin swap?

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Communicating Design Intent With Manufacturers

Do you ever wish there was an easier and faster way to communicate designs with your manufacturers?

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