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Welcome to the Virtual Workshops - a free and easy way to explore Altium Designer, and enhance your PCB design expertise.  You will learn more about key Altium Designer functionality and be guided through real-life projects using your Altium Designer license. 

No license? No worries. You will be provided with everything you need to get set up upon entering the workshop.   

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ECAD/MCAD Integration

See the key benefits of ECAD/MCAD integration and learn how to use mechanical models in your PCB design process.

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Version Control

Understand the advantages of managing your design changes and history, and get hands-on experience using Altium Designer’s built-in version control solution.

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Routing with Activeroute®

Learn about cutting-edge routing technology and get first-hand experience with ActiveRoute®, an industry-leading automated interactive routing solution.

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Enhanced BOM Management with ACTIVEBOM®

Experience for yourself how to use real-time component management for stock, cost, manufacturer and supplier selection with ACTIVEBOM®.

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Documentation with Draftsman®

Gain insight into the typical processes and issues associated with documentation, followed by an exercise with Draftsman®, an innovative way to create graphical documents for board design production.

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PDN (Power Delivery Network) Analysis

Learn more about the impact of voltage drops and current density, and experience the benefits of visual power analysis to identify and solve issues - directly in your PDB editor.

You can get PDNA Free Trial Licence following these simple steps.

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