Altium Designer Features

Altium Designer comes with a full set of powerful
features for creating outstanding PCB designs.


Workflow Process

Digitally manage workflows configurable to how your organization works

HDI Design

Designing the most advanced devices

PCB CoDesign

Make teamwork easy and effective by ensuring everyone can work together smoothly for outstanding project success.

Constraint Manager

Explore highly detailed design rules, ensuring scalability and intricate management for even the most complex projects

True 3D-MID Design

Explore a new world of possibilities


PLM Integration

Establish full continuity between your electronics design and PLM

Harness Design

With Altium Designer you can create harnesses in a familiar environment where you already design electronics.

Reuse Your Best Solutions

Design faster and reduce costs with reuse solutions in Altium Designer.

Variant Manager

Meet the demands of a globalized market that requires unique versions of your PCBs

Manufacturer Part Search

Reduce design time by eliminating your component creation process

Layer Stackup Design

Manage more than your PCB layer stack

Intuitive Multi-Board System Design

The easiest way to create complex designs and error-free system interconnections

Unparalleled Schematic Capture

Easily capture schematics of any complexity

Supply Chain Intelligence

Access critical supply chain intelligence as you design

Real-Time BOM Management with ActiveBOM®

Manage components, suppliers, and sourcing data right in Altium Designer

Best in Class Interactive Routing

Perform fast, high-quality routing for any electronics projects

Professional PCB Drawings in Minutes

The only software you need for PCB design and documentation

Certainty for Every Decision with SPICE Simulation

Design, validate, and verify even the most advanced schematics without leaving your design environment

High-Speed PCB Design

Simple solutions to high-speed design challenges


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