Schematic Capture

Easily design schematics of any complexity

Clearly Capture Your Design Intent

Everything you need to design schematics

Everything You Need
to Design Schematics

Spend more time creating amazing designs, and less time figuring out how to reflect your ideas in the schematics. The Altium Designer schematic editor is intuitive and user friendly for every designer. Everything you need – hierarchical designs, design reuse, simulation, and more – is within easy reach.

Adjust for changes as you design

Full Control of Design Changes Between Schematic and Layout

With Altium Designer, your schematic and PCB design are dynamically linked. This helps prevent manufacturing headaches by ensuring changes are reflected across all of your design files. Changes can be pushed bi-directionally in a few simple clicks. And we use an ECO process for updating content, so you have complete visibility into what changes are made.

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Key Capabilities

Flat and Hierarchical Representation of Schematics

Flat & Hierarchical Design

Design your ideas in flat schematic sheets, or use hierarchical designs to reflect the flow of signals from subsystem to subsystem. Altium Designer offers support for either paradigm, and it’s easy to convert from flat to hierarchical designs as your design complexity increases.

Use of Repetitive Blocks

Multi-Channel Design

Save time by allowing the placement of multiple instances of a child schematic within the hierarchy of a design. Powerful tools to place and route one instance of a channel and then copy that routing and placement to other channels are at your fingertips.

Using Multiple Libraries Simultaneously

Complete Component Management

Place purchasable components and know the true cost of your BOM by combining 3D and SPICE models, datasheets, and real-time supply chain data together in one place. A powerful Manufacturer Part Search lets you download everything you need for a component from trusted suppliers around the world.

Generic Components

Place Ready-to-Use Generic Components

Stay in the creative flow. When you're in a design rhythm, don’t stop to search for or create components. You can simply start with generic components and replace them later as your design process continues.

Different Types of Signal Connections

Instantiate Net Connectivity

Clearly capture your design intent and create easy-to-read schematics with instantiated net connections. Wires, Net Labels, Busses, Bus Entries, Ports, Sheet Entries, Offsheet Connectors, Signal Harnesses, and Power Ports all play a part in capturing your design, and you have the flexibility to choose what best suits your needs.

Access to Schematic Simulation

Design Faster and Easier With Spice Simulation

Verify electrical circuits with a virtual lab right within your design environment. SPICE simulation is built directly into the Altium Designer schematic editor, so you can avoid the cumbersome process of exporting files and working with data across multiple tools.

Reuse Proven Circuity

Reuse Proven Circuity

Jumpstart your next project with a variety of design reuse options. Device Sheets are completed schematics of your IP that can be placed into a design as hierarchical blocks. Snippets allow you to save and place references of circuitry that you’ve used across multiple projects.

Customize Design Rules

Schematic-Driven Rules and Constraints

Clearly define requirements for a PCB layout with customizable design rules, object classes, and differential pairs. You can add design rules directly in your schematic document that translates over to your PCB layout.

Add Visuals To Your Schematic

Add Visuals to Your Schematic

Communicate device intent and device functionality with visuals for key external connections, flowcharts for power up sequences, or text directions for the placement of jumper settings that can enable or disable features on your PCB.