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Viewer Features

Altium 365 Viewer is constantly evolving, with improvements and enhancements being delivered
on a regular basis. Some of the latest updates include:



Upload your manufacturing data in the ODB++ format to view and inspect it right in your browser.



Take your BOM for an interactive spin by stepping through the board assembly process.


Layerstack Data View

Access the layerstack for your board as another data view for your core PCB design data.


Save to Personal

Save your upload to your own Personal Space on Altium 365, making it persistent and easier to share with others.


KiCad Support

View your KiCad® design files just as you would in your desktop tool. Support is provided for .pro, .sch, .kicad_pcb and .lib file formats


2D PCB Measurements

Take measurements between two points of interest, directly from within the PCB data view


Gerber File Viewer

View and inspect your gerber and drill files ensuring everything is correct before sending your PCB design to manufacturing

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How It Works

Altium 365 Viewer is a simple and convenient way to view and share electronic designs through your browser. Schematics, PCB layout and 3D visualization provides a interactive CAD experience with no downloads or installations required. It just works.

Natively CAD

Visually stunning, interactive CAD centric renditions of your designs including Schematic, PCB, 3D and BOM.

Fully Interactive

Find, Search, Select, Cross Probe and Inspect Components and Nets throughout the design.

Design Privacy

Your design is available for the duration of your browser session and is automatically removed when you close your browser tab. Alternatively, you can choose to share your design through a link where it will be available to anyone with the link for a limited period of time.


Altium 365 Viewer provides you with a short HTML code snippet you can use to visualize your electronic designs directly onto your own website, forums, or anywhere else.

Supported Formats: Altium Designer (SchDoc, PcbDoc) Autodesk®️ EAGLE™ (SCH, BRD) Gerber (RS-274X, X2) KiCad (in Beta) ODB++