Convert Plated via Backdrills to Non_Plated in ODB++ output

Created: March 25, 2021 | Updated: May 19, 2023

Exporting ODB++, as of AD20.1.7, the exported backdrills are incorrectly set as VIAs which are plated. This shows how to modify the output to set the vias as NON_PLATED

Starting in Version: 20.0
Up to Version: Current

Solution Details

First, check with your fabricator. They may prefer to make the changes for you.
However, if you need to change the VIA type to NON_PLATED, this shows you how to determine which Drills need to be modified and to which files changes are required.

In the generated ODB export folder, via types are defined in a file named Tools.
These are contained in a Drill folder corresponding to the drill range.  

The Drill folders are named Drill#, where # is a sequential integer numbering of each folder (except the first is just named Drill). Drill folders are located here: 


To determine which Tools files need editing, it is necessary to examine the Drill pair definitions in the Matrix file here:


Edit the matrix file in a text editor. For the Drill layers, the "Layer{}" section will contain a Type=Drill, and Name= and list the start and end names. Backdrills have an extra property called ADD_TYPE=BACKDRILL, which makes it easier to determine which Drill names you will need to modify.

For example:

Here, the Drill has a name of DRILL1, and this will be the corresponding folder name in the Layer folder.
Make a list of all the Drill name for the LAYER {} that contain BACKDRILL ADD_TYPE

To modify the corresponding tool file, you would edit the tools file here:


In the tools file, it is necessary to change the Via Type to Non_Plated.

E.g., Edit the file, find:


and change to:

Take care to only change Blind Vias that are back drills, as determined earlier.

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