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Created: 14.09.2015 | Updated: 20.08.2021

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Returns all differential pair objects that are members of the specified Differential Pair Class.


InDifferentialPairClass(ClassName : String) : Boolean/Boolean_String

As you define the Query expression, a pop-up list of all existing differential pairs, by name, is presented.

Example Usage

InDifferentialPairClass('TopSide') = True
InDifferentialPairClass('TopSide') = 'True'

Returns all differential pair objects that are members of the TopSide Differential Pair Class.

Not InDifferentialPairClass('BottomSide')
InDifferentialPairClass('BottomSide') = False
InDifferentialPairClass('BottomSide') = 'False'

Returns all objects except differential pair objects that are members of the BottomSide Differential Pair Class.


  1. The single quote characters (') at the start and end of the ClassName string are mandatory.
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