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The world’s only cloud platform for printed circuit board design and realization. Seamlessly accessible from Altium Designer or any internet connected device. Available with Altium Subscription.

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Share and Collaborate

Share a link to your design for easy, real-time collaboration, or simply send a copy of your design at a point in time for convenient review - at no-cost to your reviewers. With Altium 365, you can bring together all the stakeholders and participants you choose, while keeping your IP secure and your design under control.

Through the simple sharing of a link, any stakeholder can view and comment through their web browser on virtually any platform (Mac, Windows, Android or iOS) - and any device (desktop or mobile).

The free Altium 365 Viewer gives users the power to interact and share their electronic design files with project stakeholders, whether they have access to a CAD tool or not. Search, find, select, and cross-probe components and nets across the schematic, layout, and BOM, creating a genuinely interactive experience.

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With Altium 365, your design IP is always in your control, making it far more secure than sharing through email. And, no need to worry about backing up your data - Altium 365 takes care of that for you.

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Everything In One Place

Organize all of your designs, libraries, and participants in one place that you can access - and view the same way - on any device, anywhere. Altium 365 leverages CAD-specific intelligence to store your data in a way that makes your projects, files and version history accessible and easy to navigate.

Altium 365 was designed to understand the details within every design - making the organization of your projects smarter and the searchability of your designs easy.

Organized on your cloud workspace, your component library is always accessible to you and seamlessly connected to real-time information, keeping your data up-to-date.

Easily assign and manage user roles and permissions across your entire team in a single, organized view.

No matter what, you will always be able to extract your data, and you will always be the only one to control who it is shared with.

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of Altium Designer

Work with Altium Designer as you do today, while taking advantage of its seamless integration with Altium 365 and the unprecedented enhancements it provides to your design environment and capabilities.

No need to worry about the hassle of setting up an on-premise server - with the Altium 365 cloud infrastructure, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

While connected to Altium 365, you can design with real-time component data - including lifecycle status from IHS Markit and pricing and availability from Octopart - at your fingertips.

Native integration with SOLIDWORKS, Creo and Inventor ensures seamless collaboration with your MCAD peers. Forget about importing/exporting, simply work as you do today and stay in sync with a single click.

With Altium 365, you can simply review advanced design history - from component changes to layer stack modifications - and easily recover and/or restore previous versions as needed.

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