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Thursday, September 28th - 10 AM PDT or 3 PM CET

Altium 365®
Where the world designs electronics.

Altium 365 is the agile electronics development platform that brings together all aspects of electronics development, helping organizations deliver better products faster than ever before.

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  • Design, share, and manufacture, all seamlessly integrated in Altium Designer.

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  • Save time reviewing your electronic designs with stakeholder feedback delivered from any browser, on any device.

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  • Share design data with your mechanical team and effortlessly create today’s advanced electronic products.

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  • Store all of your libraries and design data in one secure, accessible, and version-controlled space.

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  • Manage your components and access millions of ready-to-use parts, all in one secure location.

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  • Bridge the gap between engineering and procurement.

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  • Elevate your product development journey from concept to creation with integrated manufacturing collaboration.

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Total Economic Impact Report

Read The Total Economic Impact(TM) Of Altium 365, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Altium, March 2023

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Native Integration
with PCB Design Tools

Altium 365 removes silos and inefficiencies in the hardware development process resulting in faster time to market and better product quality. Engineers can connect to the platform directly from their familiar design tools without changing how they work.

Altium 365 is built on top of nearly 40 years of Altium electronics design expertise and helps you to meet today’s engineering challenges.

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Digital Design Review
and Markup

Deliver higher quality products to market faster than your competitors with transparent design reviews and sharing. Share the real-time state of projects with team members, manufacturers, and even customers to review and mark up your designs without ever leaving your design space. Anyone with internet access can view, search, cross probe, and comment on your project from a browser, with no additional Altium Designer licenses required.

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Mechanical CoDesign

Turn electronic and mechanical collaboration challenges into a competitive advantage by seamlessly working across domains without loss of intent or time. Bi-directional data transfer between your ECAD and MCAD tools makes it easy to collaborate with your mechanical team and share design revisions as they happen. Native integration with Inventor®, SOLIDWORKS® and PTC Creo® is up to 10x faster than your typical error-prone data exchange methods.

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Data Management and
Version Control

All your libraries and design data are in one secure workspace with granular access control so everyone has access to the right design data at the right time. The system is built with the Git version control system under the hood and optimized for hardware development. Enjoy full traceability and transparency by knowing who made changes to the project, when, and why. Quickly identify what changed with a visual diff designed specically for hardware. Easily revert to previous version if needed, and never wonder again whether the “v4_final2” is truely the final version.

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Library Management

Altium 365 Library Management hero

The components library is one of your most valuable design assets. Ensure its integrity and manage your components in one central and secure location so that everyone working on a board design can use the same set of validated components. Component templates standardize the components creation process, ensuring all the required parameters are populated. With defined component lifecycles, your team always knows which components can be used in a design and which ones are obsolete.

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Supply Chain Management

Bridge the gap between engineering and procurement. With BOM Management, procurement and purchasing teams can actively participate in the design decisions throughout the entire development lifecycle. Proactively reduce risk and manage costs by automatically enriching your BOM with up-to-date price and availability data, manufacturer life cycle information, and alternative part choices. Altium 365 integrates with with leading parts data providers: Octopart, SiliconExpert, and S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit).

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Manufacturing Collaboration

Eliminate costly and time-consuming miscommunications with manufacturing with version-controlled release packages that can be shared in a single click. Your manufacturing partner can view and comment on output data directly in a browser, without having to install any additional software. With all of your manufacturing files stored in one centralized location, you’ll have everything you need for a successful production run within easy reach.

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Where the World
Designs Electronics

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