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Created: 16.09.2015 | Updated: 17.08.2021

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Returns all IEEE Symbol objects whose Symbol property complies with the Query.


IeeeSymbol = IeeeSymbol_String
IeeeSymbol <> IeeeSymbol_String

IeeeSymbol_String must be one of the following strings:

  • 'Active Low Input'
  • 'Active Low Output'
  • 'Analog Signal In'
  • 'And'
  • 'Bidirectional Signal Flow'
  • 'Clock'
  • 'Delay'
  • 'Digital Signal In'
  • 'Dot'
  • 'GreaterThan/Equal'
  • 'Group Bin'
  • 'Group Line'
  • 'High Current'
  • 'Hiz'
  • 'Input/Output'
  • 'Invertor'
  • 'Left Right Signal Flow'
  • 'Less Than/Equal'
  • 'No Symbol'
  • 'Not Logic Connection'
  • 'Open Collector'
  • 'Open Collector Pull Up'
  • 'Open Emitter'
  • 'Open Emitter Pull Up'
  • 'Open Output'
  • 'Or'
  • 'PiSymbol'
  • 'Postponed Output'
  • 'Pulse'
  • 'Right Left Signal Flow'
  • 'Schmitt'
  • 'Shift Left'
  • 'Shift Right'
  • 'Sigma'
  • 'Xor'

Example Usage

IeeeSymbol = 'Left'
Returns all IEEE Symbol objects whose Symbol property is Left.

IeeeSymbol <> 'Center'
Returns all objects except IEEE Symbol objects whose Symbol property is Center.

IsSymbol && IeeeSymbol <> 'Open Output'
Returns all IEEE Symbol objects except those whose Symbol property is Open Output.


  1. The single quote characters (') at the start and end of IeeeSymbol_String are mandatory.
  2. The Symbol property is only defined for IEEE Symbol objects.


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