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Defining Product Improvement Preferences for Altium NEXUS

Created: 22.04.2019 | Updated: 03.09.2021
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Parent page: Accessing, Defining & Managing System Preferences

The System - Product Improvement page of the Preferences dialog
The System - Product Improvement page of the Preferences dialog


The System - Product Improvement page of the Preferences dialog allows you to opt in or out of the Altium Product Improvement Program. The program helps Altium to improve Altium NEXUS through understanding our customer's behavior and environments. The information that is collected is anonymous and will not affect your designs in any way.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Product Improvement under the System folder in the main Preferences dialog (accessed by clicking the button in the top right corner of the workspace). 


  • Participate - enable this option to participate in the Altium Product Improvement Program.
The data collection process will not affect your computer or designs in any way.  We use a highly optimized approach to the data collection and therefore, your computer performance will not be affected in any way.
No personal data or design information will be collected and you can stop participation in the program at any time. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary and anonymous. 
  • Read Altium's Privacy Policy - click to read specifics about the type of data that is collected and how that data is used. 
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