Altium Designer SDK (Beta)

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Altium Designer's SDK (Software Development Kit) gives you the ability to build software Extensions for Altium Designer – add-ons, output generators and document editors that access their own design documents in Altium Designer.

The extension modules you develop with the SDK can work together with Altium Designer's existing modules (for example, the Schematic and the PCB editors) to extend or enhance the existing functionality of Altium Designer.

Altium Designer Extensions are managed, installed and published to an Altium Vault repository with the Altium DXP Developer extension. When installed in Altium Designer, the DXP Developer extension includes the Altium Designer (DXP) SDK and example extension projects for a range of software development programming languages.

The SDK provides the API (Application Programming Interface) source units, documents and source code examples that allow you to develop your own software extensions. The extensions are built and compiled as DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) using Embarcadero Delphi® or Microsoft C++ and C#.

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