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The Altium Designer Startup Program


An Altium Program for Early-Stage Hardware Startups

At Altium, we understand the challenge and complexities involved with starting a hardware business, especially when you're doing it on a tight budget. As a consumer hardware startup, getting the assistance you need to access professional tools and resources can often require an incubator, grant, or business loan.

With Altium's Launchpad, qualified startups can get access to the design software they need to succeed along with professional training and expert advice, all at an affordable cost.

Don't limit yourself, apply today and take your startup to new heights!

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Tools & Resources for Hardware Startups

Altium Designer

We understand you’re on a tight budget, that’s why we offer reduced pricing on Altium Designer to approved startups. Get immediate access to the most widely-used PCB design tool on the market attracting more than 8,000 new designers and engineers every year, at an accessible cost.

Training Options

Get access to premium educational content available exclusively through Altium Academy. Learn how to master every aspect of our powerful PCB design tool with a multitude of training options and specialty courses taught by Altium instructors and industry experts.

Comprehensive Support

Our team of industry experts is standing by to answer any questions that come up along your journey. From concept to creation, we’ve got you covered.

Components Library

Find everything you need to turn your designs into reality using our vast Components Library consisting of more than 600,000 parts.

Qualification Criteria

Your company has been operational for no more than 7 years
Your company has less than $1M in total revenue to-date
Your company designs or plans to design its own physical product(s)
You’re able to identify any venture capital or monetary rewards you’ve received
Your company has not previously owned Altium Designer
Your company does not offer design, engineering, or consultancy services

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