Created: July 28, 2015 | Updated: June 19, 2017
Applies to Altium Designer version: 15.1

The Licensing dialog


The Licensing dialog allows users to activate, add, configure, and/or save private licenses.


To access the Licensing dialog, install the Altium Private License Server then start and set up Security Service.



  • Primary Server - choose this option if you wish to use the primary network license server as the license manager. Click the Setup button to configure the primary network server. 
  • Secondary Server - choose this option if you wish to use the secondary network license server as the license manager or if the primary network license server is offline. Click the Setup button to configure the secondary network server.
You can have up to two servers (one primary and one secondary) and allocate which users have access depending on the number of licenses allocated. 
  • Setup - click this button to set up the primary or secondary server. (Typically, the Primary Server is set up and configured first.)  Clicking this button opens the Primary Server Setup or Secondary Server Setup dialog, depending on which server you chose. 

License Usage

  • Products - This section lists the licenses in use. For each valid license, the following information is displayed:
    • Product Name - the name of the Altium product (i.e., Altium Designer).
    • Activation Code -the activation code of the listed license.
    • Serial Number - the serial number of the listed license.
    • User Count - the number of active users / total number of "seats" for the listed license in the format.
    • Expiry Date - the expiration date of the listed license.
    • Status - the current state of the listed license. The status must display OK to use the listed license. The entry can include:
      • OK - license is in-date and ready to use.
      • Expired – license expiration date has been reached.
      • No Seats Left – license is still valid but all seats are currently being used.
    • Version - the version of the listed license.
    • Subscription Status - the status of the subscription related to the listed license. For example, an Altium Designer Summer 09 release Private Server License will display as S09.

Additional Controls

  • Activate - the first step in configuring the server is to activate your Private Server License. Activation requires that you be signed in to your Altium account through the secure Altium portal. The Account Sign In dialog will appear where your will enter your Altium credentials. 
Before activation of your Private Server License, you must select which type of server – Primary or Secondary – is being set up since the process of activation actually encodes the license files associated to the license. So, for example, if you configure a Primary Server and backup the license files, those files can only be used with a Primary Server ('Primary-encoded' license files). Similarly, for a Secondary Server, you would need to activate the license on the secondary host computer, to obtain 'Secondary-encoded' license files. Choose the server type in the top left region of the Licensing dialog.
  • Add Licenses - use to browse for and select a license to add to the Private License Server.
  • Delete License - use to delete the selected license.
  • Save License Files - use to open the Browse For Folder dialog to save your license file in a specific location.
  • Configure - use to open the Security dialog to configure the selected private license with regard to its usage, i.e., which users, or defined groups of users, can access and use the license. The Configure button will become available once a valid Private Server License file has been added to the server. 
It is recommended that you shut down and restart the Private License Server whenever you add users or change group configurations.
  • Refresh - use to refresh the License Usage region.
  • Logging - click to open the Log Settings dialog to create a detaqiled license activity log. Log files are created on a weekly basis and you can specify the period of time over which to keep the generated log files.
  • Account Preferences - click to open the Altium Portal Preferences dialog to specify which server to use when accessing your account. 
  • Discovery Service - click to open the Discovery Service dialog to enter the address for the ServiceDiscovery server, which will detect the environment configurations of your organization. 
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