Generate SimModel Files

Now reading version 19.0. For the latest, read: Generate SimModel Files for version 22

The Generate SimModel Files dialog
The Generate SimModel Files dialog


The Generate SimModel Files dialog provides controls that are necessary to create source SimModel file(s).

Only components in currently-enabled tables will be considered when generating SimModel files.


From the schematic library editor or a standard Database Library (*.DbLib), click Tools » Generate SimModel Files from the main menus.

SimModel files cannot be generated from an SVN Database Library (*.SVNDbLib).


Use the options to determine file generation. By default, a sub-folder named Sim Models will be created. Change this naming to something more suitable as required. If the nominated folder exists, it will be the one used; if not, it will be created.

  • Specify the destination for output files - select where the generated files are to be stored from one of the following options:
  • In a sub-folder of the original library - the location in which the source Database Library resides.
  • In the specified directory - select to specify a folder. When selected, use the browse folder icon to search for and select the desired folder.
  • Overwrite existing files – overwrite existing SimModel files with the same name when new files are generated.
  • Create folder for each library file – enable this option to store generated SimModel files in a sub-folder named using the source name. This is beneficial if releasing to a target directory that already contains previously released SimModel files.
  • Explore generated SimModel files – enable to open an instance of Windows Explorer that shows the folder containing the generated SimModel files.
  • OK - click to process with generation. A confirmation dialog appears when the process is complete stating how many SimModel files were generated. Any referenced .mdl, .ckt, or .scb files will also be stored alongside the SimModel files.
Each SimModel file is named using the name of the simulation model as specified in the Sim Model Name field for a component record. Where multiple component records (across enabled tables) include the same simulation model implementation – same entry in the Sim Model Name field – only a single SimModel file will be generated using that name.
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