PCB Interactive Dragging Improvements (New Feature Summary)

Created: October 23, 2020 | Updated: October 26, 2020
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The PCB editor's routing technologies continue to be improved with the introduction of support for: via dragging, dragging differential via pairs, and improvements to differential pair dragging.

Interactive Via Dragging

PCB designers can spend a lot of time adjusting the routing, perhaps due to a late design change, or to achieve completion of their design. This can mean pushing and shoving of existing routing, dragging vias, and nudging components.

Adjust the via dragging behavior in the Properties panel.Adjust the via dragging behavior in the Properties panel.

Complimenting the recently added support for glossing of neighbor routes, via dragging has been improved for this release. The improved via dragging also supports Neighbor Glossing, configured through the new Interactive Via Dragging mode of the PCB editor's Properties panel. Press Tab during via dragging to access the panel and adjust the settings.

Press Tab as you drag to configure the Via Dragging options.

Differential Pair Dragging

Building on the improved track and via dragging capabilities, the concept of Coupling has been introduced for differential pairs. The software now recognizes objects that belong to a differential pair, and will attempt to drag the pair's partner track or via if the Keep Coupled option is enabled.

Press X as you drag a via-pair to rotate the pair by 90 degrees.

To confirm that the partner objects are coupled, the software checks that the objects:

  • For via pairs - belong to the pair, and are closer than 2 * Preferred Gap
  • For track pairs - belong to the pair, are on the same layer, are separated by no more than the Preferred Gap


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