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Created: August 2, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2022

Parent page: PCB Query Functions - Attribute Checks


Returns the object(s) specified by the Query.


Id = ObjectIdentifying_String

ObjectIdentifying_String must be one of the strings that is listed within the various PCB Object Lists of the Query Helper dialog, and it needs to be preceded and followed by single quote characters ('). Which strings are actually listed depends on the objects that currently exist on the PCB/PCBLIB document being edited. The following object lists are presented:

  • Channel Classes
  • Coordinates
  • Components
  • Component Classes
  • Differential Pair
  • Differential Pair Classes
  • Dimensions
  • From-To
  • From-To Classes
  • Layer Classes
  • Net Classes
  • Nets
  • Pad Classes
  • Pads
  • Polygon Classes
  • Polygons
  • Rules
  • Text
  • Violations
Although a string is listed for each of these objects, these strings do not necessarily identify one particular object. As one example, the string provided for each design rule object consists of the characters 'Rule0mil,0mil', so specifying that string will result in all of the Rule objects being returned.

Example Usage

Id = 'GND'
Returns the Net object whose Net property is GND.

Id = 'C3-1'
Returns the pad object(s) whose full Name property is C3-1.

Id = 'Text[3510mil,3800mil]'
Returns the text object(s) whose point is at 3510mil,3800mil.

Id = 'D3'
Returns the component object(s) whose Designator property is D3.

Id = 'Dimension[4800mil,3800mil]'
Returns the dimension object(s) whose insertion point is at 4800mil,3800mil.

Id = 'Coordinate[3500mil,3800mil]'
Returns the coordinate object(s) whose insertion point is at 3500mil,3800mil.

Id = 'My Top Side Layers'
Returns the (layer) class object whose Name property is My Top Side Layers.

Id = 'Rule[0mil,0mil]'
Returns all of the design rule objects (as these all have the same identifying string assigned to them).

Id = 'GND (ZZ4-2 : ZZ3-2)'
Returns the from-to object whose Net property is GND, From Pad property is ZZ4-2, and To Pad property is ZZ3-2.

Id = 'Violation[0mil,0mil]'
Returns all of the violation objects (as these all have the same identifying string assigned to them).


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