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Created: August 2, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2022

Parent page: PCB Query Functions - Membership Checks


Returns all objects that exist on the specified layer.


ExistsOnLayer(Layer : String) : Boolean/Boolean_String

Layer is the name of the layer as it appears on the Layers & Colors tab of the View Configuration panel.

Example Usage

ExistsOnLayer('Top Layer')
ExistsOnLayer('Top Layer') = True
ExistsOnLayer('Top Layer') = 'True'

Returns all objects that exist on the Top Layer.

Not ExistsOnLayer('Mechanical 3')
ExistsOnLayer('Mechanical 3') = False
ExistsOnLayer('Mechanical 3') = 'False'

Returns all objects except objects that exist on the Mechanical 3 layer.


  1. The single quote characters (') at the start and end of Layer are mandatory.
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