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Created: August 2, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2022
This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer (with Altium Designer Enterprise Subscription) and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.

Parent page: PCB Query Functions - Attribute Checks


Returns arc and track objects on signal layers, whose length complies with the Query.

The length of each track is the (Pythagorean) distance between its endpoints and is equal to SQRT(SQR(X1 - X2) + SQR(Y1 - Y2)), where X1, Y1 are the coordinates of one end of the track, and X2, Y2 are the coordinates of its other end. The length of each arc is the product of its Radius and the difference between its End Angle and Start Angle, when that difference is measured in units of radians. (180 degrees = pi radians.)


TraceLength : Number

The entered length is always in units of mils, irrespective of the measurement unit chosen for the board. (1 mil = 0.001 inch). To target an object using metric measurements, use the AsMM query keyword, for example, AsMM(Width) < 1.5 or, AsMM(Width) Between 1 And 1.2. Learn more about AsMM.

Example Usage

TraceLength Between 400 And 1800
Returns all arc and track objects that have a length between 400mil and 1800mil (inclusive).

TraceLength > 300
Returns all arc and track objects that have a length that is greater than 300mil.

IsTrack AND OnTopLayer AND (AsMM(TraceLength) < 1)
Returns all track objects that are on the Top Layer and have a length less than 1mm.

Note - due to an issue in the software, to correctly detect a TraceLength using the AsMM keyword or the AsMils keyword, the board units must be set to imperial before running the query.


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