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Created: 07.12.2017 | Updated: 26.01.2019
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The Change/Remove dialog


The Change/Remove dialog is used to edit or remove an item from the ActiveBOM. 

Click here for more information about the ActiveBOM.


After adding a new server or Custom Item, right-click on it then select the Edit item command. 


  • BOM Components - the grid region of the dialog lists each Instance of the new item. To edit the designator prefix or value, click in the appropriate New Designator cell and edit it as required.
  • Remove All - clicking this button will select all Instances of the additional BOM Item listed in the dialog and flag them to be removed. When the dialog's OK button is clicked, all items flagged Remove will be removed from ActiveBOM's BOM Items grid. Note that as there are no longer any instances of that new item; the item is also removed. This action cannot be undone.
  • Remove None - click this button to clear all Remove flags.
  • Remove Selected - when an instance is selected that is not flagged to be removed, the third button can be used to set the Remove flag for the currently selected instance(s).
  • Restore Selected - when an instance is selected that is currently flagged for removal, the third button can be used to clear the Remove flag from the currently selected instance(s).


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