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Find Similar Components

Created: 02.04.2019 | Updated: 18.04.2019
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The Find Similar Components dialogThe Find Similar Components dialog


The Find Similar Components dialog allows you to set up search criteria for the Find Similar Component process. This process uses the attributes of a target component as a reference for finding several other components with similar characteristics.


The dialog is accessed from the Components panel by right-clicking over the desired component, then choosing the Find Similar Components command from the context menu.


The dialog is divided into three primary sections that list the attributes of the chosen component, sectioned off by Component, Parameters, and Models.

Use the Apply button to test and fine tune search criteria to yield the desired results without closing the dialog.

Attribute Grid

The data displayed in this region will depend upon the component that was clicked on while accessing the dialog.

The grid of attributes for the chosen component is divided into three columns:

  • Left Column - lists the names of all the attributes of the chosen component.
  • Center Column - lists the value of those attributes taken from the chosen component.
To search for components with different values, enter the search pattern into the attribute value column directly; the '*' character can be used as a wildcard for finding any group of characters. For example, C* will find C1, C2, C20, C397, Cap5, etc. Edits made to the attribute value in the dialog will not alter the attributes of the reference component.
  • Right Column - provides a drop-down list of options used for specifying how the associated attribute should be used to find similar components. The options are:
    • Any - find similar components with any value for this attribute.
    • Same - find similar components with the same value set for this attribute as that of the chosen component.
    • Different - find similar components with a different value set for this attribute as that of the chosen component.

Additional Controls

  • OK - click to save your selected criteria and close the dialog.
  • Apply - click to to test your search criteria to yield the desired results without closing the dialog.
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