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Selection Memory (SCH)


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The Selection Memory dialog
The Selection Memory dialog


The Selection Memory dialog allows you to store selected objects to memory then recall the selections from memory.

The Selection Memory related commands can be found in the Edit » Selection Memory sub-menu.


The dialog is accessed by pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Q. Note that the shortcut will not work if another dialog is currently open.​


  • STO - click an STO (#) button to store the current selection in that memory slot.
  • Clear - click this button to clear the related memory slot.
  • Apply - click this button to highlight the related memory contents.
  • RCL - click this button to select the related memory contents. Note that the order in which the objects were selected is not necessarily the selection order once recalled.
  • Memory Slot Status - there are eight memory slots. This field displays the current status for these memory slots (e.g., Empty, 1 Component, 10 Tracks, etc.).
  • Lock - check this box to lock the selected objects into selection memory.
  • Mask - when enabled, all objects not falling under the scope of the filter will be masked.
  • Select - when enabled, the filtered objects will be selected in the workspace.
  • Zoom - when enabled, the filtered objects will be zoomed and centered (where possible) in the library editor window. The zoom action can be determined by the Zoom Library Components options on the  Schematic - Library AutoZoom page of the Preferences dialog.
  • Clear Existing - when enabled, previous selections will be cleared.
  • Clear - click to clear the selection status of any selected objects in document.
  • Document Scope - choose a document scope for the selection. Options are Current Document and Open Documents.
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