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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command is used to automatically open a document that the cursor is currently over.


Access to this command can be made in the following ways:

  • Right-click and choose Open Document Under Cursor from the context menu.
  • Use the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut.


Simply position the text cursor within the text that describes the document to be opened and then launch the command. The document will be opened, and made the active document.

For example, to open a document called Example_Schematic.SchDoc, first make sure that the text Example_Schematic.SchDoc is typed somewhere in the current text document. Then place the text cursor anywhere within this string and launch the command - Example_Schematic.SchDoc will open as the active document.


  1. The feature is not case sensitive and so the case of the text entered in the text document does not have to be identical to that of the actual file to be opened.
  2. The feature will only open documents that have no spaces in their filenames. For example, Example_Design_File.SchDoc and ExampleDesignFile.SchDoc will both open using this feature, but Example Design File.SchDoc will not.
  3. The feature will only open documents that are stored in the same location on the hard disk as the text document making the call. If the document does not reside in that directory, an Open dialog will appear, from where you can browse to and open the required document.
  4. If a document is already open when a call is made, the document will become the active document.


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