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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

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This command is used to access the Local History dialog. This dialog presents the local version history for the active document with the ability to quickly compare two selected versions. Altium NEXUS's internal history management system allows you to maintain history and track document changes locally without the need for a Version Control System (VCS).

The approach of the local history management system is to make a copy of a file each time you perform a save, keeping all the copies in a project History folder (the copy is the file prior to the save event). The project History folder is created within the folder that contains the project file. If a project includes documents stored in sub-folders, this sub-folder structure will be repeated within the History folder.

Local History files are saved in the compressed ZIP format with an added filename number suffix (for example, SheetZ.~(3).SchDoc.Zip) that indicates its sequential version. Tthe highest number represents the newest version.

Local document history management also works in harmony with an active VCS. Individual designers can manage their own changes using the local history system with the VCS providing a complete team-oriented document management system.


This command can be accessed by:

  • Choosing the Project » Local History » Show Local History command from the main menus.
  • Right-clicking on the document of interest within the Projects panel and choosing the Local History » Show Local History command from the context menu.


First, ensure that the command is launched for the document whose local history you want to view. From the main Project menu, this will be for the active document. From the Projects panel, this will be for the focused document.

After launching the command, the Local History dialog will open. The dialog presents a local history for the applicable design document. The history list can contain the following entries:

  • Open Document - the version of the document currently open in the workspace (if applicable). Modifications may have been made to this document and it has yet to be saved.
  • Last Saved Contents - the last saved version of the document.
  • Version n - a local (manual) back-up version of the document. When you save the document, the version that was listed as the Last Saved Contents will be backed-up as entry Version 1. Saving again will back up the Last Saved Contents as Version 2, and so on, creating a history for the document.
  • Version n [label] - local (manual) back-up version of the document that has a label applied to it.

The history is listed with the most recent version at the top, for example:

  • Open Document
  • Last Saved Contents
  • Version 3
  • Version 2
  • Version 1 [Original Draft]

Double-click on an entry to open that version of the document as the active document in the main design window.

Select two versions of the document in the list then click the Compare button to perform a comparison between the documents.


  1. The Local History list in the dialog is similar to that presented in the Local History region of the Storage Manager panel when configured in its Classic View. The Storage Manager panel provides superior management features including the ability to show auto backups (from the Auto Save feature), purge local history, delete selected versions, ability to apply a label to a version, and the ability to revert to a chosen historical version.
  2. Local History is configured on the Data Management - Local History page of the Preferences dialog. The number of days the file history is retained can be configured, where the history of a file save event will be held for the specified period (up to 10 days). Alternatively, you can specify a global storage location, which will hold the history of all projects under matching project folders.
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