Schematic Improvements (New Feature Summary)

Created: July 11, 2019 | Updated: November 21, 2019
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This release of Altium Designer includes several exciting improvements to schematics that help make creating your schematics faster and easier. 

Schematic Dynamic Compilation

The Unified Data Model is now available from the moment a project is opened and should not require additional compilation - a true Dynamic Data Model. Initial benefits include saving time with increased speed of compilation and persistent listings of nets and components in the Navigator panel. Moving forward, it will greatly open the way for the improvement of the Schematic Editor in the future - making it easier to work with circuits, rules, and components in the Schematic Editor.

The design connectivity model is now incrementally updated after each user operation. This means that project compilation is no longer necessary to see the contents of the Navigator panel, run the BOM, or perform ECO. Manual compilation is no longer needed for:

  • Navigator and Projects panel
  • ActiveBOM
  • Cross-probing
  • Net color highlighting
  • Pin swapping
  • Component cross reference

Compile Command Changed to Validate

With the introduction of dynamic compilation, the Compile PCB Project command has been changed to Validate PCB Project. The Validate PCB Project command only performs an ERC.

Improved Schematic Drawings

  • DirectX is now being used for schematic drawings. Large schematic sheets with many elements (components, pins, ports, etc.,) should be much smoother and faster when panning and zooming.
  • Improved graphics resolution when zooming and inspecting graphic objects.  

New Command to Open All Schematic Documents

A command has been added that allows you to open all schematic documents within the chosen project with just one click. The command is available from the context menu by right-clicking Source Documents in the Projects panel then choosing Open All Schematic Documents.

Open All Schematic Documents right-click menu option

Added Update From Selected Libraries Option

An option has been added to the Tools menu (Tools » Update Selected From Libraries) that allows you to choose to update the schematic from only the selected components. This command is very useful when a change or slight adjustment to a schematic symbol is needed and the board contains thousands of components and database libraries. Using this new command will save time since Altium Designer will not need to work its way through all the components - just the ones that have been selected for updates.

Update Selected From Libraries Tool Menu Command


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