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Reset Part and Sheet Symbol Unique IDs

Created: February 9, 2021 | Updated: February 9, 2021

The Reset Part / Sheet Symbol Unique IDs dialog
The Reset Part / Sheet Symbol Unique IDs dialog


This dialog allows you to reset the Unique IDs for Parts and Sheet Symbols.

The component UID is used to link each schematic component to its PCB component. If these are reset, you will need to re-establish the link, which can be done at any time by selecting the Project » Component Links command in the PCB editor. This command updates each PCB UID to match the current schematic UID. Note that when the UIDs are not matching, the software relies on the designators instead, therefore, these should be matching before resetting schematic component UIDs.


The dialog is accessed from the schematic editor by clicking Tools » Convert » Reset Component Unique IDs from the main menus.


Reset Component UIDs

  • Reset Duplicates - Select this option to reset duplicate UIDs only.
  • Reset All Component Unique IDs - Select this option to reset all UIDs.

Choose Document Scope

  • Just this document - Select this option to reset Unique ID for the current document only.
  • All schematic documents in the current project - Select this option to reset Unique IDs for the current project only.
  • All open schematic documents - Select this option to reset Unique IDs for all open schematics.
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