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Rounding Coordinates of Objects

Created: February 23, 2018 | Updated: June 10, 2022
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The Rounding coordinates of objects dialog
The Rounding coordinates of objects dialog


The Rounding coordinates of objects dialog is used to define to which documents the rounding process will be applied. The rounding process rounds up the internal coordinates of objects to counter any rounding effect when switching from Imperial to Metric measurement units mid-design. The overall result is that the internal coordinates of all design objects will be as they would have been if you had started designing with metric units from the onset.


The dialog is accessed from the schematic editor by clicking Tools » Convert » Round coordinates of objects from the main menus.


Choose Document Scope

  • Just this document - round coordinates only for the current document.
  • All schematic documents in the current project - round coordinates for all schematic documents of the current project. Schematic documents of the current project that are currently closed will be opened.
  • All open schematic documents - round coordinates for all the schematic documents that are currently opened regardless of the project to which they belong.
After you make your selection and click OK, an information dialog will open that summarizes how many objects on how many documents had their coordinates rounded.
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