Release Notes for Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server

Created: August 10, 2022 | Updated: December 20, 2022

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server 5.5.

Version 5.5.2

Build: 3 Date: 20 December 2022

Infrastructure & Administration

20992 Updated log4j libraries to version 2.17.1.
23881 Added support for Windows Server 2022.
25368 Fixed issue where commits for managed projects in an internal SVN repository were not being captured in the Project History.


13439 Extended Part Choice sync between Altium and Windchill AML to support ToPLM direction as well.
19363 Improved error message during component sync by showing Arena's numbering format attribute's display name and ID.
20120 Fixed issue where wrong credentials during project creation/publish to Teamcenter were not being properly handled.
20206 Extended engineering change order (ECO) support to Windchill. Windchill REST 2.3 and onward is required.
20446 Extended Windchill ECO support to allow advancement of Windchill change order's state.
21300 Fixed issue where incorrect part numbers were propagated back from Teamcenter to project parameters.
21543 Enabled Source Criteria for ToAltium in Teamcenter EDA integration.
21544 Fixed issue where components created by ToAltium could not be updated through ToPlm, in Teamcenter EDA integration.
22579 Implemented support for Teamcenter unit-of-measure during component sync. Teamcenter unit prefix must be added in configuration XML file: <common:Attribute attributeType="revision" dataType="double" SIPrefix="k">.
22771 The file/folder structure is now preserved instead of flattening it during publish to Teamcenter, to allow further filtering via Teamcenter EDA configuration.
23175 Added support for Windchill 12.
24039 The PCB/PWB item number is now propagated from Teamcenter back to Altium after project creation/publish to Teamcenter.
24158 Added support for Aras Innovator 12.0 SP18.
24247 Fixed issue where product structure was not created in Teamcenter during publish with "Design working directory is not valid for the data type" error.
24274 Improved timeout handling during Teamcenter EDA integration operations.
24503 Support added for publishing of projects to working revision of released Arena PLM parts.
24575 Support added for boolean conditions OR, AND, NOT in ToPLM component sync's SourceCriteria.


19570 Fixed issue where users saw "Process definition not available" error on process workflow page, caused by duplicated workflows being created.
23077 Fixed issue where parallel branches in a workflow were not terminated properly when one of them reaches the end.
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