Release Notes for Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server

Created: March 21, 2023 | Updated: October 12, 2023
Applies to Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server version: 6.0

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server 6.0.

While the Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server installer includes automated backup of your existing installation, it is always a good idea to make a pre-update backup of your data yourself - taking a redundancy copy off to one side as it were. This provides additional safety, should any unforeseen technical difficulties arise (see Backing up and Restoring Your Installation). It is advised to test out a new release of Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server on a different machine, before updating your production instance. Use of Virtual Machines can be invaluable in this respect.

In addition, please ensure that you refresh your Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server licensing. From the Admin – Licenses page of the Workspace browser interface, delete the existing Server/CAL licenses and then add fresh instances back in. This will ensure you have the latest licensing, incorporating any licensing-related feature changes.

Version 6.0.4

Build: 17 Date: 29 September 2023


24504 Fixed issue where component and BOM relation got created in Teamcenter PLM during project publishing even though ToPLM sync was set to OFF. 
User will need to re-download CustomEDACallbacks.jar and altiumLibrary_edadef.xml, and replace them in existing %TCEDAECAD_ROOT% directory on both AES server and AD client, as described in the technical documentation.
28591 Fixed issue where PLM configuration could not be saved when the configuration did not contain project entity sections.
30220 Enabled configuration of direct vs indirect sourcing relationship for Arena PLM integration.
30324 Implemented support for native part choice sync in Teamcenter PLM integration.
30327 Improved part request with PLM workflow and project publish to PLM to sync component part choices, in addition to creating components and syncing component parameters.
30986 Fixed issue where the part request with PLM task could not be fulfilled in the Tasks dashboard.
31189 Fixed issue where some parts were being skipped during a Windchill PLM incremental sync, for specific regional settings.
31215 Extended PLM WEB UI configuration support for PLM via Generic Driver (e.g., Duro PLM integration).


30322 Fixed issue where the project name subfolder would be removed after choosing target folder, during project creation with workflow.
30528 Enabled ability for a workflow's title to be set as non-editable, to ensure standardization of workflow names (edit workflow >> in Properties panel, enable/disable "Allow the initiator to change the process title").
30542 Fixed issue where a workflow task could not be re-assigned if the initiator was deleted from the Workspace.
31063 Fixed issue where the part request workflow form was not being updated with the latest revision of the component, after that component was modified.

Infrastructure & Administration

30217 Fixed issue where item permissions were being reset (to Owner only) after moving item to another folder, instead of adhering to folder permissions.
30219 Fixed issue during upgrade due to search reindex errors, caused by mismatch workflow date formats.
30221 Fixed issue where project folder sorting by name did not work in the Web UI.
30329 Improved upgrade process where configurations done in LocalVault.ini file (e.g., port numbers, domain name, etc) are retained.
30977 Migrated to use .NET 6 services. Prior .NET Core 3.1 services will not be removed/uninstalled since it could be used by other applications/software.  If required, you can manually uninstall .NET Core 3.1 items via the Windows Control Panel’s Programs and Features.
31159 Removed Oracle option for new installs. For existing databases, warning prompt during install and health monitor indicating Altium On-Prem Enterprise Server 6.0.4.x will be the last version which supports Oracle database.

Version 6.0.3

Build:Date: 16 August 2023


29630 Fixed issue where item permissions were being reset (to Owner only) after moving item to another folder, instead of adhering to folder permissions.

Version 6.0.2

Build: 15 Date: 6 July 2023


28591 Fixed issue where PLM configuration could not be saved when the configuration did not contain project entity sections.
28592 Fixed issue where PLM integration with HRID as primarykey did not sync part choice list during component sync.
28599 Fixed issue where multiple same entities/types configuration was not supported in the PLM WEB UI configurator.
28600 Fixed issue where part choice sync to/from Teamcenter part attributes did not work.
29034 Fixed issue where Part Choice ToPlm did not sync when many Altium Component types were mapped to 1 PLM type in the configuration.
29035 Fixed issue where Altium components were being updated with the latest template during PLM component sync, even though ToAltium sync was disabled.
29036 Improved project publishing to Arena and Agile where BOM items are grouped/packed when custom occurrence attributes are not defined in the PLM configuration.
29038 Implemented the ability to specify Organization Name for Windchill PLM integration, in the same way as that already implemented for Aras and Arena.
29039 Improved Windchill PLM integration performance by skipping classification metadata calls if they're not present in the configuration.
29040 Improved Arena PLM integration performance by significantly reducing the number of REST queries/calls (25 parts per call previously vs 400 parts per call now).

Web UI

28589 Fixed issue where STEP file could not be download from the WEB UI for projects containing special characters in their file name.
28590 Fixed issue where document navigation did not work in SCH Compare.
29033 Fixed issue where adding a new line using the "Enter" key, in the legacy part request form, did not work in the WEB UI.

Version 6.0.1

Build: 33 Date: 3 April 2023

Major Features

8989 Added support for multiple PCB documents and panels in the Web Viewer.
9624 Introduced improved BOM view in project Web Viewer where column visibility can be toggled, BOM check results are shown, Part Choice information is shown and user can cross-probe to/from other design views.
12693 Introduced Draftsman view in Web Viewer, accessible from the Work-in-Progress and Release's Design Snapshot view.
15902 Introduced PDF Viewer in project Web Viewer, within Releases view.
17195 Introduced reuse snippets and blocks to facilitate saving and reusing sections of design circuitry from one design to another.
18798 Introduced Lightweight tasks which can be assigned, prioritized and viewed/filtered on a Kanban-like board.
20750 Introduced Bill-Of-Material (BOM), SCH and Gerber compare, where users can compare designs between commits/releases through project history, release page, Project Releaser or Altium Designer's project context menu.
22271 Implemented the ability to transfer object ownership for projects, components, folders and others. Workspace administrators can also automatically transfer ownership of all items from a user who will be deleted, to another user.
22280 Introduced Tags to name versions of design.
22286 Introduced Part Choices change control and operation permission - with "change control" option enabled, part choice changes must be done through component revisioning. Only users with the operation permission can perform that part choice change.

Implemented various Web Viewer productivity features.

24080 Introduced PLM integration WEB UI configurator to simplify configuration and lower deployment/setup/maintenance effort.  (The PLM integration WEB UI is in beta and can be disabled if needed using Admin » Settings » PLM Integration.)


20206 Extend engineering change order (ECO) support to Windchill. Windchill REST 2.3 and onward is required.
20446 Extended Windchill ECO support to allow advancement of Windchill change order's state.
24039 The PCB/PWB item number is now propagated from Teamcenter back to Altium after project creation/publish to Teamcenter.
25697 Improved Teamcenter EDA performance and fixed items raised during Teamcenter EDA integration beta period: default EDA gateway library name set to altiumLibrary and provide more meaningful errors during "test connection" like missing EDA gateway library and JAVA environment variable.
26292 Fixed issue where Arena PLM component sync failed to update Part Choices ToPLM for released PLM parts.
26325 Components which have lifecycle state changes only will now also be targeted during PLM incremental sync.
26329 Implemented the ability to send Altium lifecycle parameter to PLM, during PLM component sync.
26688 Fixed PLM sync issues caused by default values of system parameters (Name, Description, Comment) on the component template.
26893 Fixed issue where null parameter values returned by Teamcenter were not properly handled.


21319 Fixed issue where existing local projects could not be converted to managed projects through a project creation workflow.
21346 Workflow tasks are now presented on the lightweight tasks dashboard as well.
23568 Implemented an automatic reminder for idle/unassigned workflow tasks, where admin can control how many days of inactivity before email reminders are sent out through Admin >> Settings >> Email notifications.
23600 Added the ability to send automatic email reminders for idle/unassigned workflow tasks.
23852 Fixed issue where non-admin user could not assign a task to himself, or other members, through the browser interface.

Web UI

19801 Improved performance in viewing PCB in Web Viewer (zoom/pan/switch views/cross-probe PCB to 3D).
20582 Various fixes of projects not displaying in the Web Viewer (25+ issues fixed).
21046 Fixed issue where special characters in project/document name were causing a project to not display correctly in the Web Viewer. (BC:18574)
25533 Implemented a less aggressive zoom in Web Viewer (60%) to provide better context for user during search, navigation and cross-probe.

Infrastructure & Administration

11209 Fixed issue where Deployment Package could not be acquired through NIS.
21355 Fixed issue where licenses could not be added via web UI, for server regional settings in which date time format does not include colon (:).
22931 Fixed issue where AES server backup failed when Health Monitor tool was open.
26324 Fixed issue where LDAP user with "No Authentication" PLS could not login.

Projects & Releases

20217 Fixed issue within Project History where commit date/timestamps were incorrectly presented for some OS regional settings on server machine, for external SVN/GIT repositories.
22281 Introduced ability to export project history for auditing and backup purposes (through an Outjob or via the main Reports menu).
24664 Fixed issue in some Workspaces where Altium Designer's Open Project dialog window did not list projects.

Components & Libraries

20031 Fixed issue where legacy part request page would freeze when user session ended/disconnected - user will now be properly redirected to the login page.
22197 Fixed issues with custom part sync (non-ODBC method): allow users to delete previously synced instances, ability to differentiate custom parts in part choice section and ability to customize priorities in ActiveBOM's Favorite Suppliers option.
22775 Implemented preservation of column visibility settings in Components page for the specific user-browser.

Design Review

18092 Implemented ability to comment on BOM in Web Viewer.
18987 Introduced ability to trigger project compare from Altium Designer against local, uncommitted changes.
22329 Added the ability to filter comments assigned to specific users and fixed issue where non-project task assignment did not generate email notifications.
22465 Implemented ability to paste images/screenshots in comments. (BC:19943)
23672 Fixed issue where a project comment/task was not shown in the Web Viewer (project/task-specific issue).
24319 Exact layer view (active, visible and top/bottom) is now preserved with the comments placed, to provide meaningful context.


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