Release Notes for Altium Vault

Created: July 27, 2016 | Updated: December 20, 2018

The following sections list the release notes for publically released versions of Altium Vault 3.0

For a summary of new features and enhancements in Altium Vault 3.0, see New in Altium Vault. For those new features that are vault-based, but are accessed as part of designing with Altium Designer, see New In Altium Designer.

Version 3.0.14

Build: 730 Date: 16 January 2018 

22642 Data Management - Altium Vault SDK has been updated with the new services and examples.
19332 Data Management - Fixed error "Error reading data from the connection" caused by LDAP Sync service while synchronizing huge amount of user accounts.
20207 Data Management - Fixed bug with inability to perform lifecycle state change if lifecycle was defined via the web browser (requires lifecycle definition to be updated).
20832 Data Management - Fixed bug where commit to some of the managed projects was executed very slow (initial commit after update will fix the issue and increase performance of the subsequent operations).
20942 Data Management - Fixed bug where the error "Interface not supported" occurred during deletion of project item with a huge amount of dependent objects.
21157 Data Management - Fixed bug where an error "DeleteFile failed; code 5" for file Altium.NetConfiguration.dll occurred during the update from version 3.11 to version 3.13.
21534 Data Management - Fixed bug where item revisions was not inheriting rights after moving into the folder without public access rights.
21880 Data Management - Fixed regression where the wrong folder names appeared in Vault Server Data (Revisions folder) after performing backup/restore cycle in version 3.0.13.

Version 3.0.13 Hotfix

Build: 659 Date: 16 August 2017 

19970 Fixed a critical error with indexing of the component parameters, that could lead to the data loss.

Version 3.0.12

Build: 647 Date: 7 August 2017 

18002 Fixed improper reporting of the "SessionID cannot be null or empty" as error into the Vault logs (when browsing logs in the Health Monitor)
18280 Fixed bug when Note attribute of the revisions was empty, when using Component View.
18417 Fixed bug when self referenced item was allowed to be created (that cyclic reference blocked that item from deletion with an error - Item revisions are referenced by parent item revision).
18703 Fixed bug when changing state for the released revision of the component with non released revision was erasing attribute Latest and component become invisible in the search.
19283 Fixed bug when Last Modified attribute was not showing proper dates for the managed projects.
19302 Fixed appearance of PlmSync errors in the logs.
19376 Added ability to control default permission during managed project creation (was hard coded to All Organization before)
19406 Fixed bug with component visibility when it contains one of the "system" attribute names (Folder, Comment, Description etc).

Version 3.0.11

Build: 562 Date: 26 May 2017 

16034 Part Catalog - Fixed bug which appears if a database contains more than three ODBC part source.
17095 Added support to acquire components from a Vault connected via HTTPS.
17114 Improved proxy server support.
17397 Fixed bug which caused migration from the Satellite Vault has been failed.
17473 Health Monitor - Added status of proxy settings.

Version 3.0.10

Build: 478 Date: 29 March 2017 

16375 Fixed bug that caused a search in Configurations tab to fail if the role has upper case letter(s).
16456 Fixed bug that generates an error about the project working files location for the following scenario: a repository is created via the Visual SVN Manager, external repo is added to Vault, then a managed project is created based on the external repo.
16519 Added ability to fix unsynchronized system user password directly in the Health Monitor tool
16612 Fixed bug that prevented items from being downloaded in Vault WEB UI via HTTPS (secure) connection (BC:7619).
16702 Fixed bug that prevented connection to external repository from WEB UI (Working Files tab).
16721 Fixed floating error "service '/catalog2/PartCatalogService.svc' cannot be activated" that randomly occurs after Altium Vault services restart.
16750 Improved performance of the component search and browse. (Requires Altium Vault greater than 3.0.09 and Altium Designer greater than 17.0.11.)
16755 Fixed bug that caused Search to return no results when using a Saved Search with a filter.
16771 Fixed bug with License Manager that prevented closing hung sessions, which lead to license exhaustion in environments with dynamic IP addresses.
16775 Fixed regression bug that prevented opening a project from an email notification and instead generated Ajax error in WEB UI.
16823 Fixed performance bottlenecks in the Task subsystem, which were affecting overall performance of the product.
16878 Fixed License Manager error "DataAggregator.LMDataAggregator|Error in data aggregation" that was caused by invalid license data in the database.
16917 Fixed bug that prevented Push service from being properly initialized, when the domain name of the machine was modified after installation.

Version 3.0.9

Build: 414 Date: 13 February 2017 

16520 Fixed regression bug in Windows Server 2008 R2 where low-performance has occurred due to an incorrect system proxy setup.
16578 Fixed bug in the update scripts, which caused a SQL Runtime Error to occur when updating from Vault 2.6.5 to 3.0.7 on an Oracle database.
16614 Fixed bug in the update scripts, which caused SQL Runtime Errors (-104,-607) to occur when updating from Vault 2.5.13 to 3.0.7
16636 Resolved an issue, where dead/locked sessions were not releasing licenses, by implementing a monitor to watch for unkillable Vault sessions and remove them if they occur.

Version 3.0.8

Build: 397 Date: 8 February 2017 

15741 Fixed a bug where newly created lifecycles were not visible to non-admin users.
15791 Made restriction on the deletion of placed components optional.
16200 Fixed a bug that would not allow Managed Project collaborators to edit or share a project.
16237 Fixed a bug that caused a Callback error when trying to access the Products and Extensions or Local Vault tabs under the installations.
16253 Fixed a bug that prevented a license seat from being released when the Vault Server is restarted when there are active sessions.

Version 3.0.7

Build: 348 Date: 28 December 2016

15050 Added ability to export a lifecycle diagram image.
15337 Fixed the bug with the Health Monitor not working with the Oracle connection.
15396 Updated the sample database in the Vault installation.
15516 Fixed a bug where updating to Vault 3.0 with active license manager sessions leads to locking the sessions.
15546 Fixed a bug with the ODBC supplier search not working with HTTPS.
15552 Fixed a bug that allowed a duplicate (same name) repository to be created, which then broke managed projects.
15832 Fixed a regression bug in the Project Releaser. An invalid or deleted Lifecycle State Transition occurs when a project is released to Vault with Sample Data by a non-admin user.
15857 Fixed a bug that prevented a managed project from being created on German language version of Windows Server 2012 R2.

Version 3.0.6

Build: 270 Date: 5 December 2016

12803 Added support for system proxy settings in the Altium Vault, to support users accessing the internet via proxy servers.
12988 Fixed an issue where the comment field was not updated after a component was replaced.
15185 Fixed crashes that occurred when cleaning logs using Health Monitor tool.
15186 Added support to allow a user to use the NIS and distributor information functionality in the Vault (Server) when the Vault is behind a proxy server.
15330 Fixed incorrect behavior that occurred after creation of libraries from a project with duplicate components with the same name.

Version 3.0.5

Build: 246 Date: 16 November 2016

1527 Improved SVN Version Control to support Unicode (multi-byte characters in file names), and deliver functionality through a dedicated extension.(BC:6049, BC:163, BC:2623).
8269 Added the ability to acquire components from a local Altium Vault to a local IntLib file - through the Content Cart, and in batch fashion.
8274 Added ability to login to Altium Vault using Microsoft NTLM Authentication (Windows Session Credentials).
8641 Added support for Excel BOM Templates to be uploaded to a Vault.
8797 Added the ability to open an attachment in a Part Request simply by clicking on it.
8798 Added a command to create a component based on data contained in a Part Request.
9008 Added support for logging into the same Altium Vault from multiple, different computers.
9089 Added support for new document defaults to be defined in the vault and distributed as part of environment configuration through the vault's Team Configuration Center service.
9108 Added support for managed Layer Stacks in an Altium Vault. Also added ability to constrain the use of Layer Stacks through an environment configuration, delivered through the vault's Team Configuration Center service (BC:6373).
9111 Added support for including non-native design files, through an OutputJob file, as part of the project release process.
9115 Added support for BOM Templates as part of environment configurations, delivered through the vault's Team Configuration Center service.
9334 Added checking for WSUS presence on a PC, blocking installation of the Altium Vault if detected.
9336 Added a check to Altium Designer's Compiler, to ensure that the latest revision of components is being used in a design.
9401 Fixed an issue whereby model libraries were being created incorrectly from designs using different vault components with the same linked model name.
9429 Updated Vault Migration Tool.
9467 Fixed an issue with the Please Wait dialog popping up continuously after opening a PCB design file stored under VCS.
9473 Removed ambiguities between footprint and Vault attributes during editing and placement.
9489 Added New PartCatalog with optimized performance, storage structure, and CIIVA as a supplier aggregator.
9644 Added properties for the Vault to the general settings page of the vault's browser-based interface.
9821 Added a tool for batch-addition of parameters to Vault Components.
9847 Improved usability of Preferences when distributed as part of an environment configuration, through the vault's Team Configuration Center service. This allows for more settings and more flexibility.
9849 Added support for storage of component datasheets in an Altium Vault.
10054 Added Auto Lease ability to Vault 3.0 and AD 17.0.
10173 Added ability to define a custom set of parameters to automatically match components after migration.
10192 Improved functionality of Footprint Manager to present only applicable functionality when selecting a vault component.
10243 Fixed an issue whereby certain operations were ignoring limitations of applicable lifecycle definitions.
10259 Improved user interface for Managed Projects as part of the Vault's browser-based interface.
10263 Added support for cloning a Managed Project.
10275 Fixed issue where editing of empty items did not work.
10422 Added ability to show the toolbar icon.
10438 Added new graphical design functionality for defining a lifecycle definition through the Vault's browser-based interface.
10547 Updated Component Editor to add the ability to bind a datasheet.
10878 Fixed an issue that caused Vault to crash during login.
10894 Added support for replication of new PartCatalog tables.
10946 Added one-click migration to an Altium Vault from older component management methodologies.
11049 Updated Altium Vault Configuration tool to add the ability to start part choice indexing.
11054 Fixed an issue whereby new document defaults were not being used when creating items in a vault.
11106 Unified all Vault related tools.
11131 Improved functionality when converting an existing VCS-controlled project to a Managed Project.
11528 Fixed an issue with PDFs with a custom file name not showing as part of the release process, even though they are actually generated (BC:3067).
11529 Fixed an issue whereby Report Board Stack was declared as missing after generation of outputs during board release, preventing committal of the release to the target vault.
11531 Fixed an issue whereby release of a board to a target Altium Vault failed when a script output was included in an OutJob associated to that release.
11532 Added support for Vault-related special strings in BOM templates (BC:5322).
11533 Fixed an issue where the PCB Document was being flagged as modified after outputs were being generated through the release process.
11536 Fixed an issue where DXF output was failing during board release, with the error: “Unable to write to ”.
11538 Added validation checking of component names to ensure no duplicate naming occurs (BC:4554).
11651 Fixed an issue where installation of the vault would hang at the stage "Rebuilding Search Index".
11977 Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a vault component onto a schematic sheet was requesting the component twice from the vault.
12036 Added support to make alternative components used in Variants available via the ItemManager.
12100 Added support for MySQL scripting in the Altium Vault.
12147 Added ability to disable prefixing of Item-Revision to generated file names when releasing a board design to a Vault (BC:4686).
12274 Folder naming schema is now inherited through the folder hierarchy.
12347 Added support for managing Draftsman-related templates in an Altium Vault.
12348 Added ability to export grids and views in the Vaults panel, to CSV and XLS formatted files (BC:6484).
12351 Added checking to determine whether a revision of a component item is used in a design and, if so, prevent its deletion from a vault.
12352 Added support for defining multiple footprint links in a Component Template.
12524 Implemented a Vault health / status report page tool.
12527 Fixed a bug where a file name becomes corrupted when it is released to Vault.
12557 Added ability to define a default footprint to be used for a vault component.
12563 Removed Vault related tabs on My Account page.
12694 Fixed a refresh issue where component items moved to another folder were still showing as not having moved.
12823 Fixed an issue where the special string =VersionControl_RevNumber was not being converted on printed output when released to a target Altium Vault.
12831 Fixed an issue where installation failed with a runtime error pertaining to not being able to open the file DetailsOutput.txt.
12935 Added component search by footprint attributes.
12995 Added the ability to produce a release in a batch way without connection to the Vault.
13443 Added support to select appropriate footprint automatically during auto-matching in ItemManager.
13892 Fixed an issue pertaining to a runtime binder exception.
13893 Fixed an issue where validation failed for one or more entities in IDS logs.
13895 Added support for IPv6 in environments where only IPv6 is available.
14156 Improvements were made in the Migrate Legacy Libraries wizard.
14649 Added support to the Lifecycle Mode to allow switching between simple and advanced edit mode.


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