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Created: 21.06.2022 | Updated: 21.06.2022
На этой странице документации упоминается Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (часть развернутого решения NEXUS), поддержка которого прекращена. Все ваши потребности в проектировании печатных плат, управлении данными и совместной работе теперь могут быть реализованы с помощью Altium Designer (с подпиской Altium Designer Enterprise) и подключенного рабочего пространства Altium 365 Workspace. Посетите страницу часто задаваемых вопросов (FAQs) для получения дополнительной информации.

Parent page: WorkspaceManager Commands

The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: Action=Archive


This command is used to access the Project Packager wizard. An Altium NEXUS project can include many and varied files - source files, libraries, reports, data sheets, manufacturing files, etc. The Project Packager Wizard simplifies the task of managing this large fileset. Guided by the settings you define over its pages, the wizard gathers and packages the project into a portable ZIP file.


This command can be accessed by:

  • Opening and making a child document of a project active, and choosing the Project » Project Packager command from the main menus (available from most editors).
  • Right-clicking over the entry for a project in the Projects panel, and choosing the Project Packager command from the context menu.


After launching the command, the Project Packager Wizard will appear. Follow the set of progressive and intuitive pages to collectively gather the information to effectively package the project, as you require. The Project Packager supports:

  • Any situation where your project must be moved, for example, moving it from one site to another, or backing up your project for secure storage.
  • Packaging a complete Altium NEXUS workspace - ideal for designers that include all the board designs destined for a company product in a single workspace.
  • Managing how directory paths are handled during packaging.
  • Managing how files outside the project folder are handled during packaging.
  • Including/excluding Generated files, such as reports, in the project package.
  • Including/excluding History files (created by Altium NEXUS's built-in file history/restore system).


  1. The Zip File Name must be defined with an absolute path.


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