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Update From PCB Libraries - Options

Created: 28.09.2017 | Updated: 23.03.2018

The Update From PCB Libraries - Options dialog
The Update From PCB Libraries - Options dialog


The Update From PCB Libraries - Options dialog provides controls to compare and update layers from PCB libraries. The Footprint Comparison Report compares each footprint on the PCB design to the source component in the library from which it came. If the source cannot be found for a footprint, it will be marked as un-matched. For components that are matched, a graphical comparison is executed to ensure that the current footprint on the PCB is completely up to date and there are no changes in the library that would affect the implementation of the part on the PCB. To save computation time, the Footprint Comparison Report can be configured to graphically compare the footprint on the board with the library source only on the layers selected in this dialog.


The dialog is accessed by clicking Tools » Update From PCB Libraries from the PCB editor.


  • Layers To Include - this region is a listing of all layers in the project. Check the Include checkbox to include the desired layer(s) in the comparison and update.
  • Include All - click the drop-down arrow to access a menu with the following choices:
    • Include All - all listed layers are enabled and will be included in the comparison and update.
    • Include None - none of the layers are enable and will not be included in the comparison and update.
    • Include Selected - include only the selected layers in the comparison and update.
    • Don't Include Selected - do not include the selected layers in the comparison and update.
  • Update All Footprints (Create ECO) - click to update all footprints from PCB libraries and create an Engineering Change Order for the project.
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