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This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: AutoCAD DXF Import-Export Support for version 24


The Import from AutoCAD (SCH) dialog
The Import from AutoCAD (SCH) dialog


The Import from AutoCAD (SCH) dialog provides controls to import graphic data from AutoCAD *.DXF or *.DWG files into the current schematic document.


The dialog is accessed from the schematic editor by choosing File » Import » DXF/DWG from the main menus then choosing a *.DXF or *.DWG file from the Import File dialog.



  • Import as components – the Importer will attempt to parse AutoCAD Blocks (grouped collections of primitive objects) as singular components then add these to a Schematic Library.
  • Import as primitives the Importer will parse all AutoCAD object data, including objects in Blocks as primitive/base objects (lines, arcs, etc.).

AutoCAD to Altium Designer Line Width Mapping (mm)

When AutoCAD Line data uses nominal, non-numerical width definitions (Smallest, Small, etc.,), the Importer will map these to the width dimensions (in mm) specified here. The Large line width is automatically determined.


Set the AutoCAD import scaling factor to suit the target document. The associated Size text is colored red when the boundary definition of the imported graphic (reported as Size) is larger than the target Schematic sheet (Sheet size).

Source DXF/DWG files that have been created with the units set to Mils are more likely to scale at a 1:1 ratio when imported.

Locate AutoCAD (0,0) at

  • X, Y – map the zero point from the imported AutoCAD drawing to the specified X/Y point on the target schematic sheet.
  • Select – use the cursor to graphically set the import zero point on the schematic.

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