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Created: September 4, 2019 | Updated: September 4, 2019

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The following pre-packaged resources, derived from this base command, are available:

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This command is used to open the Library Migrator, which presents an intuitive flow that takes initial selected libraries and migrates them to a target server. Catering for all types of libraries relating to older component management methodologies - SCHLIB, PCBLIB, IntLIB, DbLIB, SVNDBLIB - the Library Migrator is the perfect solution to quickly building your company's set of managed components and the many benefits that such components enjoy (high-integrity, lifecycle management, centralized storage and management, where-used functionality, and ease of design re-use). Additionally, while the migration process certainly can be configured (giving you enhanced control over how that migration is performed), you also can easily accept the default settings and set the migration in motion within a matter of clicks.

For information regarding the Library Migrator, click here.


This command can be accessed by clicking File » Library Migrator from the main menus in any editor when signed into a server.

The Library Migrator can be accessed only provided the Library Migrator extension is installed as part of your Altium Designer installation. This extension is installed by default when installing the software. In case of inadvertent uninstall, it can be found on the Purchased tab of the Extensions & Updates page (accessed by clicking on the  control at the top-right of the workspace then choosing the Extensions and Updates command from the menu).


After launching the command, the Library Migrator view will open as the active document in the main design window. The migration process is a staged flow, with the entries on the left-hand side of the Library Migrator view showing you at-a-glance in which stage you are currently.

By default, all supported libraries found within the Available Libraries for the active/focused project will be loaded and enabled ready for migration (i.e. project libraries, installed libraries, and libraries found along specified search paths).


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