Additional Enhancements & Improvements (New Feature Summary)

Created: February 25, 2016 | Updated: April 20, 2017

With Altium Designer 16, a number of existing features and processes now enjoy significant enhancements. These enhancements include (but are not limited to!) increased processes speed, easier object placement, and a more intuitive UI.

Moving Stacked Vias Concurrently

Altium Designer 16 now allows stacked vias to be moved together by simply mouse dragging the stack to move the entire stack to the new desired location. To move each via in the stack independently, hold down CTRL key and use the mouse to drag a single via to the new desired location. You can also now move a pad with stacked vias in the same manner.

When using this feature, stacked vias are moved using their exact central point with a hole tolerance of 1/100 taken into account. 

Increased ECO Performance Speed

The ECO process now enjoys a significant speed increase, with ECO generation occurring up to three times faster.

My Account Page Improvement

The My Account page has been cleaned up for easier navigation. The standalone license activation list is now more intuitively organized and supports middle-wheel scrolling.

Streamlined Library Panel Functionality

The appropriate library panel now opens automatically when a new library document is opened. For example, opening a SchLib document opens the SCH Library panel.

Uncluttered DXP Menu

Unnecessary actions have been removed from the DXP menu, making it easier to navigate and get to the tools you need.

Locked Option Available in Drill Table Properties Dialog

A drill table lock option is now available through the Drill Table dialog, along with the drill table's other properties. The Locked option is available under the Display options section of the dialog. The option to lock drill tables was previously only available through the PCB Inspector panel.

Improved Memory Footprint Requirements for DXF Import

The memory usage required for DXF import to PCB has been significantly reduced.

Single Pin Nets Reports Generate Feedback for the Entire Project

Regardless of which schematic sheet is active, Single Pin Nets Reports will now report on the entire project. This makes the Single Pin Nets Reports more useful by allowing users to resolve nets between sheets.

Connectivity Graph Memory Optimization

The memory for connectivity graphing has been optimized to increase speed.

Improved Editing for Swiss Cheese Boards

Editing boards with many cutouts can now be done more quickly and more easily. Cutout editing, board edge editing, and pull back primitives updates have all been accelerated.

Accelerated Schematic Project Compilation

The time for compiling schematic projects has been significantly reduced.

IPC-2581 Output Issues Resolved

Several IPC-2581 output issues have been resolved. Solder mask openings are now defined relative to a rotated pad hole edges, locations of drill drawings and guides for pads with offset holes, and the justification of multi-line special strings. Additionally, a mirrored property has been added to bottom side components.

Control Component Names During IDF File Generation

Users now have the option to override component names during IDF file generation. In the File Export IDF dialog, enable the Override Part Number With option, under the File Compatibility options. From the drop-down menu, you can choose to override the Part Number with any of the following options:

  • Comment
  • ItemHRID
  • RevisionHRID
  • Library REF
  • <Enter Schematic Parameter>.
For <Enter Schematic Parameter>, type the desired schematic parameter you'd like to base the component names on, in-between the brackets.

Naming Components During Ansoft File Generation

When generating an Ansoft File, if a component on a PCB has a Unique ID field then that value will be assigned as the component's name during generation. If the Unique ID field is empty, the component name will be used during file generation.

Easier Control of Local Pad & Via Library Content

An additional Update Templates from Library dialog has been added to the PCB Pad Via Templates panel. This dialog allows you to easily control which pad and via templates are removed from the local Pad & Via Library.

Naming New Pad Via Templates

Users can now use unique names for new Pad Via Templates. 

Addition of Ruble Currency

Rubles are now a valid currency in Altium Designer.

Special Strings

In this release, if a string starts with ".", the entire string is treated as a 'special' string. To include more than one string in a 'special' string, use apostrophe ( ' ) to enclose each string. Example:  '.PcbDoc' '.PcbName'. You can now also use spaces or special characters inside 'special' strings. Example: '.PcbDoc #1'

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