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Public Release Notes for Altium NEXUS

Created: November 30, 2021 | Updated: January 21, 2022

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium NEXUS 5.

For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium NEXUS 5, see New in Altium NEXUS.

Version 5.1.2

Build: 10 Date: 20 January 2022

46149 When the Component Pin editor was opened, the component being edited would disappear.
47615 When one part in a multi-part component is updated to the latest revision, all parts in the same component are now updated to the latest revision. (BC:17162)
47627 The sequence of actions for placing an Image object was changed to avoid placing a zero-height image on a schematic sheet. (BC:17370)
15590 3D Bodies that pass through a pad hole were not displayed for the portion of the body that exists inside the pad hole. (BC:10281)
39441 After importing components using a script the footprint primitives would not display in the PCB library editor, then when a footprint primitive was clicked on the PCB Library panel an exception would occur.
44339 The presence of a specific object on the board would result in a crash when an IPC2581 file was generated.
45526 A PCB library document is marked as modified when a footprint that includes a rectangle is opened. (BC:15977)
45915 Rectangle object placed in a PCBLib would move when the library was saved, and clicking Undo would break the rectangle. (BC:17523)
45931 Blind, buried, and microvias pasted from another PCB design were not recognized by the ODB++ Setup dialog. (BC:16347)
46174 During ODB++ output generation, connected mid-layer pads could be removed if they were inside a keepout region and the "Include unconnected mid-Layer pads" option was disabled. (BC:17496)
47194 Unrouted Net Constraint violations for non-plated pads were missing location detail in the Messages panel and the PCB Rules and Violations panel.
47195 Keepout objects placed in a PCB design can now be shown in a panelized embedded board array. Note that this feature provides a visual representation of the Keepout layer, copper objects placed on the Embedded Board Array currently do not respect keepouts placed in the source PCB.
47197 Removing existing teardrops did not always remove the teardrops from vias. (BC:17185)
47303 Manual Expansion tenting settings defined in a Pad/Via library were ignored when the tented pad or via was placed from the PVLib onto a PCB. Note that this update only impacts new Pad/Via edits in a PVLib. (BC:13456)
47304 A Cursor Color option has been added to the PCB Editor - General page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:9402)
47339 Polygons with certain properties would not fill when the polygon style was set to Hatched.
47342 If the DRC 'Stop when XXX violations found' value was very large (e.g., 9 digits), an incorrect value of detected violations would be reported. (BC:16704)
47441 Differential pairs did not change their width and gap values according to the associated Differential Pairs Routing design rule when the differential pair crosses a border of a board region during Interactive Differential Pair Routing.
47828 Improved usability for Top-Middle-Bottom and Full Stack editing in Pad mode of the Properties panel
47933 Further enhancements in support of the IPC-4761 standard ('IPC-4761 - Design Guide for Protection of Printed Board Via Structures').
48014 It was not possible to include the Multi-layer as a visible layer when working in Single Layer Mode. (BC:17546)
48058 Bottom paste mask would not display in 3D if all plane layers were removed from the layer stack.
48061 The Undo command did not always function correctly after moving components if the Component re-route option was enabled in the Interactive Routing preferences.
48108 Crash occurred during multi-routing.
48136 Footprints containing embedded STEP models were reverting to simple extruded shapes on the PCB document. (BC:17344)
48140 Fixed a bug from 21.9 preventing completion of Interactive Routing in some cases.
45752 A PCB Arc with an angle of 5 degrees or less was missed in Draftsman.
47584 Generating a PDF from Draftsman would fail if the source document included a string with a large font size.
47331 New 'Show Components and Nets folders' option added to the System - Projects Panel page of the Preferences dialog, use this to control the display of Components & Nets folders in the Projects panel.
Data Management
43299 Exception occurred when configuring a BOM report in an OutJob, and specifying a BOM template that resides in a sub-folder of the project, using the Relative Path to Template File option.
46670 A large delay could occur when working with managed components placed from Concord Pro when there was an unstable network connection.
47239 After selecting the History & Version Control > Refresh command, there was no request for credentials for the external VCS, and the VCS status was shown incorrectly. (BC:17234)
47406 Comments that do not belong to any project documents are now shown in the Comments panel.
47583 A component symbol that included arcs in the outline could not be committed to a Workspace, giving the error message 'Failed to create preview files'.
47660 An error occurred when trying to apply the "Revert to" command to a document of a particular project.
47971 The workflow presented during part creation using the Acquire feature from the Manufacturer Part Search panel was different from that presented when using a Part Request.
47467 Added Sensitivity Analysis Setup options in the Simulation Dashboard panel and the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog.
48200 The Tables with Measurement's Sensitivity values and histograms are provided to show the Sensitivity Analysis Result.
47934 CAMtastic: Importing an aperture file which contained an aperture declaration with an unusual name would shut down Altium NEXUS.

Version 5.0.2

Build: 21 Date: 29 December 2021

45581 The Fills, Lines, and Pins color boxes in the Properties panel in its Component mode became unavailable when the Local Colors option is enabled, and vice-versa. (BC:16503)
45635 An error retrieving sheets hierarchical structure occurred when attempting to use the "Auto Sheet Number" button with the "Sheet Hierarchical Structure - Depth First" scheme selected in the "Sheet Numbering For Project" dialog for a project with "Net Identifier Scope" option set to "Automatic (Based on project contents)".
45700 In certain circumstances, a schematic sheet document was marked as modified right after opening. (BC:16399)
45983 An error occurred when cross probing to the ERC Report Fatal Error from the Messages panel.
46107 An additional option - 'all project documents' - has been added to the SCH List panel's scoping to display target objects from all source schematic documents for the project (including those that are closed). (BC:15944)
48217 Significant increase in the time to open a schematic template in the PDF viewer when using the Smart PDF feature. (BC:17569)
44019 Layers and colors of managed footprints were not retained when creating new footprints from Templates. (BC:13639)
45970 Un-Routed Net violations were not identified by the DRC for hatched polygons in a specific case.
46855 With the PCB.RigidFlex2.0 advanced option enabled, primitives were created incorrectly by the "Create Primitives From Board Shape" when a board cutout was partially located outside the board shape.
47145 The ability to specify which parameter can be used as a Local Part Name has been added to the Ansys EDB Export Options dialog. (BC:16910)
47308 Error occurs when layer type was changed from signal to plane.
47359 The statement in the IPC-2581 output did not include the details if that footprint did not have any pads.
47380 Wrong or overlapped information was in the Test Point Report as compared to Gerber. (BC:11684)
47537 Added support for the IPC-4761 standard ('IPC-4761 - Design Guide for Protection of Printed Board Via Structures'). (BC:8186)
47797 Updated several routing-related advanced option statuses.
47878 PCB document within a project was closed without being saved after closing a CAM document within the project.
48554 Fixed a bug preventing the router from reaching some areas.
47452 Primitives for some layers for the Board Fabrication View were missing in the generated PDF.
47625 Added the Counter Hole View.
Data Management
47097 A comment that has become detached/unassigned from its document - a 'lost comment' - can now be viewed in the Comments panel and restored to that document.
47505 Numerous stability improvements in the areas of library migration, and component editing and release.
47548 The lifecycle state color indication for the applied schematic template was shown incorrectly in the Document Options mode of the Properties panel. (BC:17340)
47702 Enabled Show More and the scroll bar in the Components mode of the Properties panel for read-only Device Sheets and Managed Sheets. (BC:17382)
47831 The icon for the virtual BOM entry in the Projects panel is now the same as the ActiveBOM.
47462 Added ability to draw columns on plot areas.
47554 Added the ability to display measurements on wave's plot chart.
47675 The statistics for a given measurement array are now provided in the Sim Data panel.
47834 A table view of measurement results is now provided.


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