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Public Release Notes for Altium NEXUS

Created: November 30, 2021 | Updated: August 26, 2022
Applies to Altium NEXUS Client version: 5
This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer (with Altium Designer Enterprise Subscription) and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium NEXUS 5.

For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium NEXUS 5, see New in Altium NEXUS.

Version 5.8.2

Build: 18 Date: 26 August 2022

47751 When viewing a design variant, you now have the ability to select multiple components and mark them as fitted/not fitted in a single action. (BC:10769)
51206 A generated PDF of Schematic Prints was not displaying values of varied parameters when a single variant was chosen for the whole OutJob. (BC:19011)
51310 Graphics were not being correctly updated when dragging selected circuitry in the main design space. (BC:19057)
26221 When using the Measure Distance feature, text was not being correctly scaled when zooming in and out. (BC:12122)
45973 The graphics engine was not displaying self-intersecting regions correctly. What was shown in the PCB editor could differ to the Gerber/ODB++ output. (BC:18461)
50108 When using the Jump Location feature (J,L), Altium NEXUS now accepts "," as a decimal delimiter. (BC:17614)
50344 For a specific case, an AV would occur when using a custom query in a Silk To Solder Mask Clearance rule. (BC:18649)
50489 A number of improvements have been made to the Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel to restore it to working order again.
50493 The color contrast used to highlight changed/unchanged cells in the merge resolution view was too subtle when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature.
50494 The change type overlay (Mine+, Head-, etc) was not being shown in the design space when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature.
50495 Work regions were not being displayed in the main design space when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature. (BC:14363)
50498 There were no 'dash contours' around primitives in the main design space, when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature.
50499 Cell names were absent in the main design space when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature.
50516 The Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel was not pushing changes to the connected Workspace when using the 'Commit this document to version control' command.
50517 A moved component was being reported in the wrong cell when using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature.
50518 Live collaboration with the Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel was not working with a connected Altium 365 Workspace.
50519 Revision names in the Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel were unreadable when using a Git-based project in NEXUS (with a connected NEXUS Server Workspace).
50520 Live collaboration of a Git-based project using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature would result in Git errors when automatically generating work regions.
50521 The Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel was only ever displaying the first revision of the checked out PCB document.
50524 When using the Collaborate, Compare and Merge feature, auto-generation of work regions exhibited very slow performance.
50545 Collaborate, Compare and Merge panel was showing an incorrect message when connected to an Altium 365 Workspace without the required license feature.
50652 Automatic loop removal issues, including cases of not removing obvious loops and where routing, on top of existing tracks with different width, was discarded.
50705 Mirrored vias were being incorrectly detected in the PCB Health Check as vias without an assigned drill span.
50794 The Properties panel for a selected Text object now supports 'String' and 'Frame' modes, for switching between single- and multi-line text. (BC:17111)
50867 Counterholes on the bottom side were incorrectly labeled as 'Counterholes Top' in generated drill files (*.DRR). (BC:18802)
50919 There was a noticeable slowdown in performance when navigating parts in the PCB Library panel.
50944 Making changes to rule constraints in the Constraints Editor (Document View) would result in violations not being correctly reported by DRC.
50413 Added support for alphanumeric column sorting to the Connection Manager in a Multi-board Schematic document.
49173 Altium NEXUS would occasionally freeze when interacting with Altium 365.
50604 There were various cases of the following exception being encountered: "System.ServiceModel.FaultException - Access denied! User login required for this service".
Data Management
50366 Improved message clarity and behavior when a managed project is stored within the folder structure of another version control repository. (BC:18625)
50536 The contextual comment/task window now appears at the top-right of the design space when an entry is clicked on the Comments and Tasks panel.
50777 Added support for Output Job templates to the Data Management - Templates page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:18765)
50797 Changes to pin names were not reflected in the Pins panel after updating a symbol to its latest revision (for a Workspace Library component). (BC:18811)
50806 The software would hang when hovering the cursor over a document's VCS status entry in the Projects panel. (BC:18645)
50813 Multiple issues occurred when using alternate components in the ActiveBOM.
47251 For a specific EAGLE design, the layer stack was being imported incorrectly.
50769 Digital models have been added to the Simulation Generic Components library.
50770 The descriptions for various models in the Simulation Generic Components library contained typographical errors. (BC:18754)
50877 The numeric values for global parameters are now presented on the Global Parameters Tab of the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog.
51007 Messages relating to the model auto-assignment process are now presented in the Messages panel.
51008 A progress bar has been added to show model auto-assignment progress.

Version 5.7.1

Build: 13 Date: 19 July 2022

44042 A specific project was experiencing slow performance when moving net labels on its source schematics.
48090 Improved performance when copying and pasting a component using the Shift+Click&Drag feature.
49057 You can now change the layer for a length tuning object through the Properties panel, using the new Layer property. (BC:6977)
50197 Export of a folded rigid-flex board to Parasolid would hang/crash if the slot hole of a pad resided completely within the bend region.
50279 An error would occur when copying a PCB Library component that included a counterhole pad.
50358 In Gerber and 3D views, countersink pads were not connecting to internal planes with the same net, when the Power Plane Connect Style was set to Direct.
50431 Incorrect drawing order meant that Annotation objects were being overlapped by any other placed view. (BC:12369)
50122 The list of documents in a grouped tab of the Documents Bar is now sorted alphabetically. (BC:17490)
50501 The software was being closed by Windows when dragging and dropping documents between application window instances.
50515 Adjusted the use of colloquial/old English text on the Extensions & Updates page of the UI. (BC:18734)
Data Management
47387 When using the mention feature in a comment, the pop-up list was only using email for its search. It now populates with suggestions based on username and email.
49857 Enhanced PDF report of the comments in a design, including Task-related details and active links to Altium 365's Web Viewer interface.
49864 Added support for switching a repository from using SSH connection protocol to HTTPS (if supported by that repository), when making a project available online. (BC:16009)
50549 The active Project Group (*.DsnWrk) document was not being saved when exiting the software. (BC:18812)
50556 A crash would occur when trying to open a project, created through the Altium 365 Platform Interface, from the Explorer panel for the first time.
50650 'Git repository not found' error would sometimes appear, with respect to an external project document that had been added to a Workspace project.
50767 The repository structure validation has been disabled for the time being to not block project commits. (BC:18625)
50934 Placement of components from a Workspace Library was not possible if the time format on the PC included '.' ( instead of ':' (hh:mm:ss).

Version 5.6.1

Build: 11 Date: 16 June 2022

49754 Find and Replace string substitution would cause an exception error when attempting to perform a partial string replacement. (BC:18053)
47715 Solder Mask openings for pads were not being displayed when viewing a mirrored embedded board in 3D.
49544 Clearance Boundaries would be displayed when trying to route track in a Keepout area whose Track and Copper restrictions had been disabled. (BC:8439)
49632 Pad Via libraries always opened with Imperial Display Units, regardless of the units chosen when the library was saved.
49633 When a new Pad template was added to a Pad Via Library, the Via Template Editor would incorrectly open instead of the Pad Template Editor.
49634 Pad Templates in the Properties panel were listed in the order they were added; they are now listed alphabetically.
49758 Additional checks have been added to the PCB Health Check Monitor to detect 'Unused xSignals' and 'Unused From-Tos'.
49887 For a specific PCB, an AV (Invalid GUID string) would occur when opening the Rules Editor and the board had been saved with the Rules displayed in Document View.
49963 AV occurred during Un-Routed Net DRC when a TH pad (hole size 0) was defined to only appear on a single layer, and was connected to a same net poly on that layer.
49999 When generating Gerbers for a specific PCB using the *.gbr file output format, mid layers and mechanical layers were empty. (BC:18483)
50080 The real (physical) height of a sub-stack was not being presented in the 3D view of the board.
50124 When adding one or more mechanical layers to the 'Other Layers' group, in the new Gerber Setup dialog, addition would only be to the first layer in the group.
45933 A Board Fabrication view of a panelized PCB was only displaying polygons on one board in the embedded array, instead of all boards.
31836 Specific STEP models would cause Altium NEXUS to crash when those components were on a board being loaded into a Multi-board Assembly. (BC:15232)
49954 It was possible to use the Clone and Open Project As Copy controls, in the Open Project dialog, when using a Viewer license of Altium NEXUS.
50070 The Storage Manager was not displaying Git merge commits, these are included now.
50355 The ‘Workspace Library is empty’ message was shown in the Components panel after refreshing if a search keyword is entered.
50402 The Edit command was not accessible in the Components panel when not connected to an Altium 365 Workspace.
Data Management
48359 Renaming and committing a file on one PC when already open on a second, would result in the document being removed from the project when committed from the latter.
49007 It was not possible to place a Comment on a managed schematic sheet in Altium NEXUS. (BC:17869)
49607 Changing the case of letter(s) in a version-controlled document name would give a VCS 'File already exists' error. (BC:18081)
49618 Comparison of local documents and a project commit or release has been implemented.
49716 When connecting to a specific Workspace with certain time and date settings, Altium NEXUS would display an Error dialog stating that the local time was invalid.
49849 A new warning is presented when attempting to save a managed project to the active Workspace and duplicate project files are present in the design repository.
49850 General tasks are now listed in a separate group in the Comments and Tasks panel.
49892 When releasing a specific project using the Project Releaser, managed OutJob files would get unusual characters added to the beginning of a file name. (BC:18386)
49928 When placing from the Components panel some users would see a 'Store update, insert, or delete statement affected an unexpected number of rows (0)' error message.
46928 If the Windows decimal separator was set to the comma character, design constraints were not being imported during import of a Mentor Xpedition file.
50053 Added the ability to present the Y-axis in Logarithmic form for simulation results in the Sim Data Editor, in the same way previously only possible for the X-axis.
50074 A set of seven quick-start simulation examples has been added to the \Users\Public\Documents\Altium\<InstallationFolder>\Examples\Simulation Quick Start folder.
49788 The following exception was being encountered: "EOleException. Object reference not set to an instance of an object in Altium.Edp.ComponentSearch.Plugin.dll."

Version 5.5.1

Build: 13 Date: 19 May 2022

49008 Switching to another application while in-line editing in a schematic text frame could result in the edits being lost and the message "Interactive process not finished" appearing. (BC:17965)
49420 The Find Text dialog now includes a Mask Matching option, when enabled everything in the workspace is masked except the found results. The Mask level (Dimming) and Zooming behavior are configured in the Highlight Methods options in the System - Navigation page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:3857)
49527 Formulas within text on a schematic were not being resolved correctly when the PC was set to use French regional settings for Windows.
49822 The Schematic.EnableCustomDiffPairNaming feature has been moved to Open Beta.
45204 Stacked THPs and vias generated duplicate drill hits in the Drill Table.
47196 The PCB List panel was displaying an incorrect value for the "Remove Islands Less Than" polygon threshold value when the units were set to mils. (BC:16973)
47379 In a rigid-flex design, if the flex zone has a Coverlay layer with a layer type of Solder Mask, the actual Solder Mask layer is always displayed in the 2D view even when its visibility is disabled in the View Configuration panel.
48786 Double-clicking on stacked PCB objects in 3D view mode with the 'Display Popup Selection dialog' option enabled and the 'Double Click Runs Interactive Properties' option disabled, would sometimes result in the software being locked in 3D view mode and not being able to save the board.
48994 The embedded board array object now includes a Board Shape option in the Properties panel; use this to switch the PCB background from green to transparent. (BC:17814)
49220 Exported ODB++ data was still incorrectly showing back drilled vias as being plated when using millimeters as the default units. (BC:13553)
49358 Millimeters are now the default units when generating output from the PCB such as Gerber, Gerber X2, ODB++ and NC Drill. (BC:15848)
49425 When pasting a via over a pad and some polygons, the selection pop-up would appear, even though there was no ambiguity as to which net (that of the pad) the via should 'pick up'.
49462 In some cases, self-intersecting regions were created when adding teardrops to a PCB.
49463 Self-intersecting regions were being exported to ODB++.
49499 When the PCB.IPC4761Support advanced option is enabled, and there is a certain combination of columns enabled in the Drill Table defaults, and the Drill Table defaults are edited to include certain additional columns, those columns could become repeated in the table.
49520 A pad with the Counterhole option enabled could result in that pad disconnecting from inner layer polygons when the Counterhole size approached the pad size.
49559 The gray-scale color palette used for generating PCB Prints did not offer the correct coloring choices. (BC:18209)
49574 On Windows 7 the PCB Heads-Up display was not correctly updating the location coordinates as the cursor was moved. (BC:18149)
49629 The feature to 'Prevent modification of PCB Component Primitives' is no longer controlled by an option in the Advanced Settings dialog. Instead, an option for it - Protect Locked Primitives in Component - has been added to the PCB Editor - General page of the Preferences dialog and is disabled by default. (BC:18281)
49639 The BoardOutlineClearance rule did not display the edge types for a rigid-flex board.
49664 It was not possible to select any components on a particular PCB document due to a regression involving ordinate dimensions that included several points of measurement.
49735 Drill layers enabled for plotting in the older Gerber/Gerber X2 setup dialogs (pre-Altium NEXUS 22.4) would all be disabled when using the new unified Gerber/Gerber X2 setup dialogs (available from Altium NEXUS 22.4 by enabling the UI.Unification.GerberDialog option in the Advanced Settings dialog).
49906 The settings for mechanical layers added to plots in the old Gerber Setup dialog were not retained when those Gerber settings were opened in the new Gerber Setup dialog.
49922 There was a mismatch in Gerber extensions vs actual layer ordering when generating Gerber/Gerber X2 output using the new unified Gerber/Gerber X2 dialogs (enabled by the UI.Unification.GerberDialog option in the Advanced Settings dialog) and with the output format set to 'filename.* (gtl, gbl, gto,...)'. (BC:18411)
45950 Draftsman now supports copy/paste of Annotation objects between Draftsman documents or from a template to a document. Note that you can only copy an Annotation object when it is not attached to another Draftsman object, such as a View. ( BC:16782)
48253 Copying and pasting a table that includes merged cells would result in the merged cells becoming un-merged in the pasted table. (BC:11561)
45944 VCS analytics and logging has been improved, providing improved error status and logging data.
Data Management
49435 If a Malformed URL GIT error occurred, the error dialog would display the user's password and the Workspace URL. (BC:18032)
49519 The Filter feature in the Components panel (and the MPS panel) was incorrectly displaying the temperature value options in degrees Fahrenheit instead of Celcius.
46882 An exception would occur when importing a specific PADS PCB file.
47927 The Allegro importer would sometimes incorrectly create a region object in the same shape and location as a polygon.
47928 The Allegro importer was incorrectly creating a polygon cutout over unconnected pads within a polygon, making it impossible to control the polygon clearance using design rules.
49521 There was an issue with multi-part components where, for floating nodes, a ? was entered into the simulation netlist instead of a new net.
49645 It was not possible to stop a running sweep-type simulation at any stage in the sweep. instead, the simulation would stop only after completing the full number of swept outputs.
49692 The performance has been increased when plotting histograms and parametric plots by a factor of 10.

Version 5.4.2

Build: 15 Date: 13 April 2022

47754 The properties of an alternate (varied) part are now displayed (as read-only) in the Properties panel when that alternate part is selected on the schematic. (BC:9295)
48909 Toggling the visibility of pin parameters would reset their location to default. (BC:15630)
49033 Component Pins tab of the Properties panel would not sort by Name, only by Pin number. (BC:17409)
49037 It was not possible to configure the default visibility of Sheet Entry cross-references to not visible.
47088 Dragging the center handle on a polygon edge would not always remove that edge when it was redundant.
47241 Delays on start/finish of diff pair routing when working with a PCB stored in OneDrive have been resolved.
48666 Attempting to move a component with the mouse that was failing the component clearance rule would not show an online rule violation, even though one existed.
48995 Outline detection was sometimes failing when the shape included a combination of arcs and tracks.
49134 After dragging and dropping a 3D model from the Explorer panel onto a footprint open for editing, and then placing a pad, a warning that the component could not be saved because a command was already active would appear when attempting to save. This no longer occurs. (BC:17421)
49245 The PCB.ComponentSelection advanced option was not being applied, component selection was always using the contents of the Courtyard layer type.
49247 When the PCB.ComponentSelection advanced option was set to mode 2, only the contents of the Courtyard layer type were being used for selection, instead of Courtyard + 3D Body Objects + Silk + Copper layers.
49253 The Pin Swapping option for routing has been disabled by default and can be enabled during each new session of Altium NEXUS.
49494 A new option to 'Merge regions and pads inside Footprint' has been added to the Gerber Setup dialogs. With this option enabled, regions within a footprint will be merged with pads during generation of Gerber outputs.
46970 Certain custom scale values would display incorrectly.
47454 Certain primitives and views would be missing from a PDF generated from Draftsman, and the PDF would open with errors. (BC:17261)
47564 The size of the Board Realistic View changed after importing changes from the PCB.
48547 Draftsman now supports setting different symbol sizes for the Drill Table and the Drill Drawing (Drill Symbol Configurations dialog & Preferences dialog). (BC:16594)
49211 Help menu entries were not always taking the reader to the correct website.
Data Management
47849 Numerous improvements made to the Components panel, helping simplify the process of moving from file-based components to managed components.
48227 Numerous usability improvements made to the Library Migrator, including feedback about: conflicting parameters, model checking, empty folder paths, and other areas.
48748 Fixed a typo in the 'Part Choice Migration' dialog.
48838 The Library Migrator would not always indicate the reason a component failed to import. The validator has been improved to provide more details.
48877 Fixed typos in the 'Location of project files has changed' dialog. (BC:17788)
49050 Added the ability to access Workspace components when defining connectors in a multi-board.
49078 The Connection Manager and the Properties panel did not display the same pin numbers in a multi-board project.
49195 Project Releaser would fail without providing details when generating output, if the design included an error such as components with mismatched sch/PCB pins.
49429 After editing multiple components in the Batch Component Editor, user-defined pin mapping definitions were deleted.
49630 The Explorer panel was not presenting the aspect views (for browsing detailed data) for a selected item revision when using the panel's Search view.
49375 Corrected typo in the PADS Import Wizard. (BC:18089)
46095 Support added to use a file-based PWL source. Set the Stimulus Type to File, then specify the path+filename in the Source's File parameter (eg C:\Designs\Circuit Simulation\Analog Amplifier\PWL_test.csv).
46193 Attempting to open the simulation model for a component placed from a DbLib would result in an access violation. (BC:15888)

Version 5.3.1

Build: 11 Date: 16 March 2022

47692 When attempting to change multiple selected components via the Properties panel, if a different library is selected as the Source, the Component Source dialog appears. When the Select button is clicked the Replace dialog opens to choose the replacement, but instead of updating all currently selected components the Replace dialog would reappear for each of the selected components. (BC:11607)
47757 Updates (such as footprint and parameter changes) to components that were used as an alternate part in a Variant, were not propagating through to the design when an Update Schematics or Update Parameters command was run. (BC:7574)
48492 Improved the performance of dragging components on a schematic sheet that has a large number of components and wires.
48801 A new "Display Name of Special String" option added to the Schematic - Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog. When enabled, each special string has its name displayed as a faint superscript.
49034 Net name negation using the trailing backslash character was not working for Power Ports. (BC:4186)
46628 An access violation would sometimes occur during differential pair routing if the PCB file was stored in a OneDrive folder.
47327 The Heads Up Display would remain visible on top of all other applications after switching from Altium NEXUS to a different Windows application. (BC:9923)
47714 While attempting to place a linked 3D STEP model via the Place > Extruded 3D Body command, the model would automatically switch to the Embedded mode. (BC:13236). This ticket also corrected an issue where, if changes were made to a STEP model that was linked to a PCB, when that PCB was reopened and the linked model automatically updated, the model location and orientation were not correctly maintained, resulting in the linked model moving. (BC:7034)
47981 Performing a 3D measurement between a 3D object and the board surface or board edge, reported a distance of zero.
48177 The Footprint Comparison Report would give a false failure on a component if: the component had been rotated, and the component included an extruded 3D Body object with an arc in its outline.
48189 Assembly Testpoint Style Component Body Clearance violations were not always being detected during online DRC, and were not reported after a batch DRC. (BC:14687)
48548 Differential pair reported signal length was not the same in the PCB panel and the tuning gauge during interactive length tuning, when the pair included vias.
48572 Improved usability for Top-Middle-Bottom and Full Stack editing in the Via mode of the Properties panel.
48840 Connected traces were unrouted when reroute failed after a component move.
49001 A trace would disappear when dragging a corner.
49149 Changing a via type (e.g. thru to blind, or blind to thru) could result in a broken net or a short circuit, which was not being detected as a design rule violation.
49196 For a specific design project an Access Violation would result when the Retrace Selected command was run on a partially selected accordion.
48876 On-site Workspaces (Concord Pro and NEXUS Server) did not display the Project History correctly.
48907 Switching between Workspaces or signing out of a Workspace would result in the software disconnecting from the Private License Server.
Data Management
48389 To reduce potential for confusion when using the Soft Locks feature, if a user has made changes to a document more than two days ago, a second user opening the same document will not see that the first user is 'editing' the document, but rather a clearer state of ' made changes locally on ' . In addition, the icon used in the Projects panel will change to gray, indicating that this is a change made more than two days ago and not an active editing session by that first user.
48778 User ranking of an existing Part Choice was not being saved.
48814 It was not possible to navigate through the different project Comment dialog options (such as the list of suggested email recipients), using the keyboard.
48836 A project that has a broken ProjectGUID did not result in the "Fix Version control link" dialog opening, as it should have.
48892 When there was a remote VCS repository connected to a local repository (which does not require authorization), the software would still prompt for authorization credentials when a VCS action was performed. (BC:17786)
48966 If a component included a ranked Part Choice, attempting to remove another Part Choice would remove that one and the Part Choice below it.
48967 With the 'Always Drag' option disabled, there were rare cases where some wires would disappear after moving a selection of circuitry. (BC:17756)
45807 The 'μ' character is now supported as the SPICE suffix 'u' =1e-6.
48833 The speed of plotting simulation waveforms has been significantly improved.
48835 The speed of the simulation process has been significantly increased when running multiple analyses.

Version 5.2.1

Build: 14 Date: 14 February 2022

36985 Extra connection dots were generated when moving wires on the schematic. (BC:10504)
45982 Embedded graphics in a schematic were not able to be presented in generated PDF output, causing an error in Acrobat Reader.
46454 With the 'Optimize Wires & Buses' option enabled (on the Schematic - General page of the Preferences dialog) some wire vertices would stay anchored when performing a second drag of a selection.
46723 Using formulas on a schematic involving the 'abs' and 'round' functions resulted in #NAME? being displayed, rather than the actual result of the functions.
47755 The variant that was last set prior to closing a project is now remembered, and will be the variant presented when the project is reopened. (BC:11089)
47758 The Project file (*.PrjPcb) was being marked as having been modified when making a change to the drawing style for a variant. (BC:7732)
48520 The opening time for a schematic that includes large multipart components has been greatly reduced, with an average 2.5x faster opening times based on test schematics.
48865 SQL syntax error encountered when trying to generate a BOM from an Output Job file.
43153 Creepage rule violations were not being detected where a primitive was fully surrounded by a polygon pour.
47827 An error occurred when trying to place a 3D body and use a specific Parasolid (*.x_t) 3D model.
48401 Altium NEXUS would close when a specific PCB was saved in ASCII format, then opened in Altium NEXUS.
48438 The router entered pads erratically when various SMT rules were in place.
48664 Exported ODB++ data was incorrectly showing back drilled vias as being plated. (BC:13553)
48665 Backdrill vias were incorrectly flagged as being plated in an exported IPC-D-356A Netlist test report.
48678 A new option 'Apply to Polygon Pour' has been added to the Creepage Distance design rule to ensure that a polygon pour obeys the rule when this option is enabled, in addition to the applicable Clearance rule. (BC:12510)
48702 An Access Violation would occur when selecting several PCB primitives, and a Drill Table, while the Properties panel was open.
48900 'PCB Health Check in progress' was present in the Properties panel even after the feature was disabled.
41117 Added 'Remove Leading Zero' option on the Document Options mode of the Properties panel when in a Draftsman document. (BC:10785)
48198 After changing the number of holes on a PCB, and importing changes to Draftsman, the drill symbols were being reset in a placed Drill Table on the Draftsman document. (BC:17089)
48199 The ability to define default properties for a Drill Symbol has been added to the Draftsman - Defaults page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:11742)
Data Management
48599 The following exception was encountered when using comments - System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast COM object of type "System.__ComObject" to interface type "RT_Workspace.IWorkspace".
48652 An exception would occur when placing a comment with multiple links - on a schematic or the PCB - and at least one of those links contains parameters.
48667 An option to 'Export Comments' has been added to the Comments panel (Comments and Tasks panel when on the Pro Subscription Plan).
48842 The 'Add to Version Control' command would disappear from the History & Version Control sub-menu, when accessing commands for a project through the Projects panel. (BC:17789, BC:17790)
48959 An error would occur when trying to copy a footprint from a local PCBLIB and paste it into the temporary PCB Library editor when creating a new footprint model item in a connected Workspace.
48437 The xDxDesigner Importer has been enhanced to allow users importing an xDxDesigner project to also import defined variants of that project automatically. Variants must be exported using the Variant Manager on the Mentor side, into a Delimited Text Document - saved with the name ProjectVariants.txt and stored in the same location as the main xDxDesigner project file.
48565 Temperature as a sensitivity parameter is now supported.
48638 Group Deviations for Global parameters as a sensitivity parameter are now supported.
47968 CAMtastic: Dielectric layers are no longer shown on the CAMtastic panel. (BC:16249)

Version 5.1.2

Build: 10 Date: 20 January 2022

46149 When the Component Pin editor was opened, the component being edited would disappear.
47615 When one part in a multi-part component is updated to the latest revision, all parts in the same component are now updated to the latest revision. (BC:17162)
47627 The sequence of actions for placing an Image object was changed to avoid placing a zero-height image on a schematic sheet. (BC:17370)
15590 3D Bodies that pass through a pad hole were not displayed for the portion of the body that exists inside the pad hole. Note that this fix only applies when the 3D model has the Opacity set to greater than 96%. (BC:10281)
39441 After importing components using a script the footprint primitives would not display in the PCB library editor, then when a footprint primitive was clicked on the PCB Library panel an exception would occur.
44339 The presence of a specific object on the board would result in a crash when an IPC2581 file was generated.
45526 A PCB library document is marked as modified when a footprint that includes a rectangle is opened. (BC:15977)
45915 Rectangle object placed in a PCBLib would move when the library was saved, and clicking Undo would break the rectangle. (BC:17523)
45931 Blind, buried, and microvias pasted from another PCB design were not recognized by the ODB++ Setup dialog. (BC:16347)
46174 During ODB++ output generation, connected mid-layer pads could be removed if they were inside a keepout region and the "Include unconnected mid-Layer pads" option was disabled. (BC:17496)
47194 Unrouted Net Constraint violations for non-plated pads were missing location detail in the Messages panel and the PCB Rules and Violations panel.
47195 Keepout objects placed in a PCB design can now be shown in a panelized embedded board array. Note that this feature provides a visual representation of the Keepout layer, copper objects placed on the Embedded Board Array currently do not respect keepouts placed in the source PCB.
47197 Removing existing teardrops did not always remove the teardrops from vias. (BC:17185)
47303 Manual Expansion tenting settings defined in a Pad/Via library were ignored when the tented pad or via was placed from the PVLib onto a PCB. Note that this update only impacts new Pad/Via edits in a PVLib. (BC:13456)
47304 A Cursor Color option has been added to the PCB Editor - General page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:9402)
47339 Polygons with certain properties would not fill when the polygon style was set to Hatched.
47342 If the DRC 'Stop when XXX violations found' value was very large (e.g., 9 digits), an incorrect value of detected violations would be reported. (BC:16704)
47441 Differential pairs did not change their width and gap values according to the associated Differential Pairs Routing design rule when the differential pair crosses a border of a board region during Interactive Differential Pair Routing.
47828 Improved usability for Top-Middle-Bottom and Full Stack editing in Pad mode of the Properties panel
47933 Further enhancements in support of the IPC-4761 standard ('IPC-4761 - Design Guide for Protection of Printed Board Via Structures').
48014 It was not possible to include the Multi-layer as a visible layer when working in Single Layer Mode. (BC:17546)
48058 Bottom paste mask would not display in 3D if all plane layers were removed from the layer stack.
48061 The Undo command did not always function correctly after moving components if the Component re-route option was enabled in the Interactive Routing preferences.
48108 Crash occurred during multi-routing.
48136 Footprints containing embedded STEP models were reverting to simple extruded shapes on the PCB document. (BC:17344)
48140 Fixed a bug from 21.9 preventing completion of Interactive Routing in some cases.
45752 A PCB Arc with an angle of 5 degrees or less was missed in Draftsman.
47584 Generating a PDF from Draftsman would fail if the source document included a string with a large font size.
47331 New 'Show Components and Nets folders' option added to the System - Projects Panel page of the Preferences dialog, use this to control the display of Components & Nets folders in the Projects panel.
Data Management
43299 Exception occurred when configuring a BOM report in an OutJob, and specifying a BOM template that resides in a sub-folder of the project, using the Relative Path to Template File option.
46670 A large delay could occur when working with managed components placed from Concord Pro when there was an unstable network connection.
47239 After selecting the History & Version Control > Refresh command, there was no request for credentials for the external VCS, and the VCS status was shown incorrectly. (BC:17234)
47406 Comments that do not belong to any project documents are now shown in the Comments panel.
47583 A component symbol that included arcs in the outline could not be committed to a Workspace, giving the error message 'Failed to create preview files'.
47660 An error occurred when trying to apply the "Revert to" command to a document of a particular project.
47971 The workflow presented during part creation using the Acquire feature from the Manufacturer Part Search panel was different from that presented when using a Part Request.
47467 Added Sensitivity Analysis Setup options in the Simulation Dashboard panel and the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog.
48200 The Tables with Measurement's Sensitivity values and histograms are provided to show the Sensitivity Analysis Result.
47934 CAMtastic: Importing an aperture file which contained an aperture declaration with an unusual name would shut down Altium NEXUS.

Version 5.0.2

Build: 21 Date: 29 December 2021

45581 The Fills, Lines, and Pins color boxes in the Properties panel in its Component mode became unavailable when the Local Colors option is enabled, and vice-versa. (BC:16503)
45635 An error retrieving sheets hierarchical structure occurred when attempting to use the "Auto Sheet Number" button with the "Sheet Hierarchical Structure - Depth First" scheme selected in the "Sheet Numbering For Project" dialog for a project with "Net Identifier Scope" option set to "Automatic (Based on project contents)".
45700 In certain circumstances, a schematic sheet document was marked as modified right after opening. (BC:16399)
45983 An error occurred when cross probing to the ERC Report Fatal Error from the Messages panel.
46107 An additional option - 'all project documents' - has been added to the SCH List panel's scoping to display target objects from all source schematic documents for the project (including those that are closed). (BC:15944)
48217 Significant increase in the time to open a schematic template in the PDF viewer when using the Smart PDF feature. (BC:17569)
44019 Layers and colors of managed footprints were not retained when creating new footprints from Templates. (BC:13639)
45970 Un-Routed Net violations were not identified by the DRC for hatched polygons in a specific case.
46855 With the PCB.RigidFlex2.0 advanced option enabled, primitives were created incorrectly by the "Create Primitives From Board Shape" when a board cutout was partially located outside the board shape.
47145 The ability to specify which parameter can be used as a Local Part Name has been added to the Ansys EDB Export Options dialog. (BC:16910)
47308 Error occurs when layer type was changed from signal to plane.
47359 The statement in the IPC-2581 output did not include the details if that footprint did not have any pads.
47380 Wrong or overlapped information was in the Test Point Report as compared to Gerber. (BC:11684)
47537 Added support for the IPC-4761 standard ('IPC-4761 - Design Guide for Protection of Printed Board Via Structures'). (BC:8186)
47797 Updated several routing-related advanced option statuses.
47878 PCB document within a project was closed without being saved after closing a CAM document within the project.
48554 Fixed a bug preventing the router from reaching some areas.
47452 Primitives for some layers for the Board Fabrication View were missing in the generated PDF.
47625 Added the Counter Hole View.
Data Management
47097 A comment that has become detached/unassigned from its document - a 'lost comment' - can now be viewed in the Comments panel and restored to that document.
47505 Numerous stability improvements in the areas of library migration, and component editing and release.
47548 The lifecycle state color indication for the applied schematic template was shown incorrectly in the Document Options mode of the Properties panel. (BC:17340)
47702 Enabled Show More and the scroll bar in the Components mode of the Properties panel for read-only Device Sheets and Managed Sheets. (BC:17382)
47831 The icon for the virtual BOM entry in the Projects panel is now the same as the ActiveBOM.
47462 Added ability to draw columns on plot areas.
47554 Added the ability to display measurements on wave's plot chart.
47675 The statistics for a given measurement array are now provided in the Sim Data panel.
47834 A table view of measurement results is now provided.


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