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Why are we rebranding?

Altium is the only company in EDA that has a continuum of products and solutions that spans from individual PCB designers to the largest enterprises - providing a seamless progression of tools, data, knowledge, and methodologies as our customers' needs change and grow. To better reflect this continuous design tool experience, we are improving and optimizing our product portfolio to better leverage our primary brands - Altium Designer and Altium 365.

What Products are affected?

As of September 1, 2022, Altium is making the following changes:

  • Altium NEXUS as a brand name has been discontinued and the capabilities of Altium NEXUS® are available as part of the Altium enterprise solutions. This update is intended to better align Altium with the enterprise space and reflect our increased investment in and commitment to making enterprises - big and small alike - successful.
  • Altium Concord Pro as a standalone product and brand name has been discontinued. The capabilities of Altium Concord Pro will be available as part of the Altium enterprise solutions.
  • Altium Designer will include three subscription levels - Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.
What are the new Altium Designer Subscription Levels?

Altium Designer includes three subscription levels:  Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.  

To better align capabilities with their intended audience, these levels are positioned for targeted customer needs and product, organizational, and/or business complexity.  

  • Standard is targeted for professional PCB designers and engineers to design PCBs with ease, efficiency and productivity.
  • Pro is targeted for teams designing electronic products to collaborate within electronic design and with adjacent domains productively.
  • Enterprise is targeted for organizations to create digital continuity and manage processes to help ensure product quality, faster time-to-market, and compliance.   

Moving forward, Altium will continue to best align existing capabilities with user needs at each subscription level. In addition, we have invested substantially in R&D to enhance and expand the user experience at every level.

What does it mean for me as a NEXUS Customer?

There is no change to the software, capabilities or how you and your organization leverages them today - keep working like normal.

What does it mean for me as a Concord Pro Customer?

The capabilities will remain the same - you can continue using them just as you do today, without any disruption. Moving forward, Altium will continue to provide bug fixes, but new features and enhancements will be available as part of the Altium enterprise solutions.

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